Helen Morrison


Born in 1885 in Hawkhill, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
Married in 1917 in Newhaven to David Flucker.
Died in 1962 in Edinburgh at age 76.

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1885 - Birth in the Burgh of Falkirk in the County of Stirling - Entry 469.


Helen Morrison


October 22nd at 3h 45m AM


Glebe Street, Hawkhill




James Morrison


Plasterer (Journeyman)


Sarah Morrison M.S. Thomson


13th August 1877, Glasgow.

Source: New register House.


1917 - Marriage in the District of North Leith in the Burgh of Leith - Entry 127.


 6th October


11 Laverock Bank Terrace, Leith


David Flucker - Widower - Age 38.


Railway Brakesman


14 Main Street, Newhaven


David Flucker, Fisherman


Elizabeth Flucker M.S. Lyle


Helen Morrison - Spinster - Age 32.


35 Albert Road, Falkirk


James Morrison, Plasterer (Deceased)


Sarah Morrison M.S. Thomson (Deceased)


James Irwin


Combe Flucker Witness [David's brother]


Elizabeth Morrison Witness [Helen's sister who went to Australia]

Source: New Register House. 

Had wedding reception at the Peacock Inn, Newhaven. 


1962 - Death in the District of St. Andrew in the City of Edinburgh - Entry 585.


Helen Flucker


17th September at 2h 0m am





Marital Status:   



David Flucker, Railway Traffic Supervisor


32 Bonnington Grove, Edinburgh.


James Morrison, Plasterer (deceased)


Sarah Morrison M.S. Thomson (deceased)


Malignant Melanoma of right cheek.  Obstructive jaundice. Benign papilloma of common bile duct.


H.P. Dimnwoodie MBChB

Reported by:   

David Flucker Widower.

Source: New Register House.

Buried in Rosebank Cemetery, Edinburgh.


DIED 17TH JAN 1966

Gravestone inscription courtesy of Bill Wood.


...........................................William Morrison
...........................................Catherine Gow
........................James Morrison
Helen "Nellie" Morrison
........................Sarah Thomson

Brothers and Sisters

  1. Jane "Jeanie" Smith Morrison photo was born in 1878 in Falkirk and married in 1906 in Falkirk to David Bernard Clink.

  2. Emigrated to Australia in 1912. In 1934, lived at "Aberuchill", 26 Pino Street, North Sydney, Australia. Her younger sister, Lizzie, stayed with her from 1924 until she died in 1946. Jeanie died on the 21st of May 1963 of a heart attack.  David had his own Painting and Decorating business and died on the 15th of August 1927 of a heart attack.
    Aberuchill is a castle and an estate just outside the village of Comrie.  Jane's father, James Morrison, was born in Comrie.  Aberuchill was built in 1603 originally by Campbells from Breadalbane.
  3. Catherine "Kate" Morrison photo (Dressmaker) was born in 1879 in Falkirk and married in 1908 in Falkirk to George Horace Williams from Wales.

  4. Kate emigrated to Australia in 1913 and died on the 5th of November 1954.  In 1934 they lived in "Morville", Soudan Estate, Paddington, Brisbane, Australia.  Horace died in August 1941. Reception committee at Falkirk Station when she came back from Australia to visit in 1949. Donald Budge met her in Southampton to welcome her home.  Andrew and Sarah Hendry gave her a holiday in Ireland.  She was apparently great fun.
  5. One baby died around 1881.
  6. Sarah Morrison photo (Dressmaker) was born on the 24th of June 1883 in Falkirk and married in 1903 in Falkirk to Andrew Hendry photo.

  7. Sarah died on the 19th of July 1956 of a heart attack, aged 73 years. Andrew was born on the 11th of May 1882 in Glasgow and died of pneumonia at the age of 72 on the 8th of February 1954.
    They lived at "Moren", 35 Albert Road, Falkirk and provided a home for Sarah's two sisters Helen and Lizzie when their parents died. Sarah was a very quiet person, artistic, good dressmaker, cook, baker and gardener. Her hands were never idle, always sewing or knitting at night, especially during the war for the troops. She was a first rate homemaker, and took excellent care of her family.
    Andrew came from farming stock and had over 32 cousins when he retired! When he was young he had a broken elbow and his arm did not develop properly being bent and slightly shorter, which saved him from the great war. He was an excellent and well-known tenor soloist. He was a silver medalist at the Glasgow School of Music in 1908-09 and sang at lots of concerts to raise money for the troops. He was a leading member of the choir of Falkirk Old Parish Church, of the Adrian Bowling Club and of the Falkirk Curling Club. He was good company and a fun story teller. Andrew started work with the Falkirk Herald and later worked as a commercial traveler for Messrs R. & W. Baird, tanners of Falkirk, and then for Messrs. James McCreath and Sons, boot manufacturers of Maybole, Ayrshire. In the 1841 census in Maybole, there is a 25 year old James McCreath (Shoemaker, Journeyman) and his wife Elizabeth.  Walter Flockhart often visited the family in the summer. Andrew Hendry would drive him all over and said "he was the son he never had".
  8. Helen "Nellie" Morrison (Shop Girl) was born on the 22nd of October 1885 in Falkirk and married on the 26th of October 1917 in Newhaven to David Flucker.
  9. William "Willie" Morrison photo was born on the 31st of December 1887 in Falkirk and married in 1915 in Denny to Margaret "Maggie" Dawson.

  10. Willie was a very happy, loving and caring person. He had a horse and cab taxi service business in Dalderse Avenue in partnership with a Mr. Johnston. He always kept his love of horses. During World War I, Willie was shot through the head at the battle of Ypres and left on the field for dead. The Germans found him and took him to hospital and saved his life. He thought the Germans were wonderful. He was shot in the head and the bullet came out of his back, which left him with an ugly wound. When he returned from the war, the taxi business was not doing well, so he started work in Cruickshanks Foundry in Denny. His daughter's accidental death in 1940 had a big impact on him. Willie died on the 16th of November 1962.
  11. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Morrison photo was born in 1890 in Falkirk.

  12. Lizzie went to stay with her sister Sarah Hendry at Albert Road after her father died in 1909.  She was very quiet and gentle and delicate.  She was her sister Nellie's Maid of Honour at her wedding in 1917.  She emigrated to Australia in 1924 where she lived with her other sister, Jeanie Morrison Clink until she died on the 30th of September 1946.  She wanted to return to Scotland but could not face the return journey because she had been terribly sick on the voyage out to Australia.  She never married.  In 1934 she lived at "Aberuchill", 26 Pino Street, North Sydney, Australia with her sister Jeanie.
Sources: Jeanie Parsons, Sarah Flockhart, Marion Troup, Jeanie Budge, William Swan Morrison's will, & official records.


Not available on-line.


1881 Census - Glebe Street, Falkirk, Stirlingshire. - LDS Film 0203539 ED 1 Page 24.

Nellie's family a few years before she was born.

James Morrison Head Mar 25 Plasterer Perthshire Comrie
Sarah Morrison Wife Mar 26 . Wigtonshire Stranraer
Jane Morrison Daughter . 2 . Stirlingshire Falkirk
Catherine Morrison Daughter . 1 . Do. Do.
Thos. C. Howitt Boarder Mar 43 Comedian London

1891 Census - Glebe Street, Falkirk, Stirlingshire - LDS Microfilm 0208777 ED 1 Page 55.

2 rooms with 1 or more windows.

James Morrison Head Mar. 36 Plasterer Perthshire Comrie
Sarah do. wife do. 36 . Wigtonshire Stranraer
Jane do. Daur. . 13 . Stirlingshire Falkirk
Catherine do. do. . 12 . do. do.
Sarah do. do. . 7 . do. do.
Helen do. do. . 5 . do. do.
William do. Son . 3 . do. do.
Elizabeth do. Daur. . 11 mths . do. do.
James Algie lodger Widr. 52 Plumber Renfrewshire Pollockshaws
Hector McDonald do. Unm. 28 Plasterer Argyleshire G.& E.

1891 Census - Pleasance Sq., Falkirk. - Film 0208778 ED13 Page 42

Sarah Morrison's future husband, Andrew Hendry, is nearby at Pleasance Square.

Isabella Hendry Head Widow 33 Grocer Stirlingshire, Falkirk
Andrew Do. Son . 9 Scholar Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Marion Do. Daur. . 7 Do. Do. Do.

1901 Census - Comely Terrace, Falkirk, Stirlingshire - 479 ED 5B Page 3 Entry 303.

2 rooms with 1 or more windows.

James Morrison Head Widow 45 Plasterer Employer Perthshire Comrie
Jane S. do. Daur. S. 22   at home Stirlingshire Falkirk
Kate do. Daur S. 21 Dressmaker Worker do. do.
Sarah do. Daur S 17 do. do. do. do.
Helen do. Daur . 15 Shop Girl do. do. do.
William do. Son . 13 Scholar   do. do.
Eliz do. Daur . 10 do.   do. do.


Homes and Schools


Before marrying, she was a domestic servant for a Mrs. Prentice in Glasgow, a minister's wife. Very hard work. Mrs Prentice gave Helen two christening robes which were used in the christenings of Sarah and Walter Flucker, Ronnie and Edith Miller, and David, Derek and Marjorie Flockhart. The robes are now with Edith Scott and Marjorie Martin.

Hobbies and Interests

Never had music lessons but played the organ by ear. Nellie would sing hymns while she played.

Other Comments

Helen's mother died when she was only 10. Orphaned at age 24. She and her younger sister Lizzie went to live with their married sister Sarah Hendry in another area of Falkirk.

Three of her sisters emigrated to Australia.

Nellie did not keep well with sickness, but was always cheerful and kind. Never forgot anyone's birthday.

Helen's rich uncle, William Swan Morrison, helped her buy the appartment at Bonnington Grove where the family moved around 1927.

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