Animated Signatures and Names
to customize your webpages and e-mail.

$5.00 each

Personalized Animated Signatures $5.00 each up to 7 letters.
$ .50 per each letter added.

7 letter limit, e-mail me if you'd like more letters added before placing your order.
Some signatures can not be made with longer names!

Order button at bottom.

Pink Pixel Roses

Pixel Birds

Peel off Gingerbread

Kitty Mirror

Bunny Mail

Jelly Hearts

Brown Bear

Stained Glass Pansies

Yellow Pixel Roses



Country Chalkboard

Sparkling Lily

Kitty Trio


Flops and Butterflies

Moving Stars




Two Hummingbirds

Flyby Dragonfly

Jewel Sword

Jewel Text

Moving Butterflies


Butterflies & Pansies


Valentine Girl

Hearts n Flowers




English Rose

Pink Birdhouse

Flip Flops



Name of Animated Signature
Name for Personalization


To order more than one, just clear the
boxes and type in next choice




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