Purchased two small clowns from Minnetonka Petco for Annie's 29g tank. They found the anemone within 24 hours.


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The 180g was put together during the Thanksgiving Holiday of 2009. It is an upgrade from  a 110g tank back in 2007. All the aquascape is the same. Since the tank is 1' longer and 6' wider, I was able to leave more room and make more open for fish to swin.  There are a few corals that I've had for 10+ years. The large yellow turbinaria in the top left corner, Orange Montipora Cap in the Center, Green Montipora Cap in right upper corner and also the gorgonian in the right center.

Click on the different pages from the links provided to find more details on the entire setup along with additional pictures.

Also be sure to visit the Other Tanks page to view some misc. pictures of some of my older tanks through the years.  I will post them as I find them.