...and a few good friends who have left us - R.I.P.

Jerry Roberts at TNMOC.jpg (1120422 bytes)
Captain Jerry Roberts MBE - WW2 BP: 2014
Image courtesy the National Museum of Computing

mavis2009a.jpg (83882 bytes)
Mavis Batey MBE - WW2 BP codebreaker, author: 2013
Image courtesy James W. Oram

morrison_je_f.jpg (8240 bytes)
MG John E. Morrison USAF (Ret.) NCMF:2013
Image courtesy US Air Force Association

Oliver_Lawn.jpg (226345 bytes)
Oliver Lawn - WW2 BP codebreaker: 2012

Cliff.jpg (850977 bytes)
Cliff Horrocks and Colossus BP:2012

Tony Sale & Colossus.jpg (119561 bytes)

Tony Sale and Colossus BP: 2011

Tom_Collins_cropped.jpg (48986 bytes)
Sgt. Tom Collins 6813th SSD - WW2 BP: 2011

marge_arthur_cropped.jpg (175034 bytes)
Marjorie [OSS] and Arthur Levenson [BP]: 2011 &2007

kbatey.jpg (66929 bytes)
Keith Batey - WW2 BP codebreaker: 2010
Image courtesy James W. Oram

philton_2.jpg (90063 bytes)
Prof. Peter Hilton - WW2 BP codebreaker: 2010
Image courtesy Meg Hilton

A_Stripp_cropped.jpg (130649 bytes)
My former Cambridge mentor Alan Stripp -
"A Codebreaker in the Far East": 2009

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