Some links to sites containing crypto-related material...

American Cryptogram Association
Richard Brisson's crypto pages
Colossus and Tunny - the rebuild project at Bletchley Park
Cryptography and Electronic Warfare
Dayton Codebreakers - the story of the American Bombe
Graham Ellsbury's pages - Enigma and the Bombe
Anton Haddeman's home page
Handbook of Applied Cryptography [download]
Andrew Hodges' pages on Alan Turing
Infography page on Enigma
International Spy Museum
Keith Lockstone's home page
Bill Momsen's Enigma pages
Jim Oram's Enigma replica project
Tom Perera's Enigma [and other stuff] virtual museum
Jerry Proc's Crypto Machine page
Jim Reeds' site - Telegraphic Code Books
Paul Reuvers' Enigma simulation for the RISC OS/Enigma-E site
Bob Reynard's Secret Codebreaker site
John Savard's website
Stuart Savory's website - English and German
The Turing Bombe - the rebuild project at Bletchley Park
Frode Weierud's home page
WW2 Codes and Ciphers - Tony Sale and Andrew Hodges

updated 14 June 2013

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