The design of this surround was a collaboration. My clients told me the elements that they were interested in and I used them in the design. Seasonal motifs, birds and critters of the area were to be included in the dominant forest theme. I made a list of their requests, drew a basic sketch for their approval and proceeded with the cutting and layout of the tile.




The process begins with a light line drawing on the blank tile. I then take it one section at a time and begin to carve, first the deep defining lines, then all of the detail.




After a slow drying process the tiles are ready to be painted with terra sigilatta.



Entire piece is painted and ready to go into the kiln for the first firing. Some of the colors will change in this firing.


After first firing.


The next step is the glazing process. I cover the entire surface with a black glaze, let it dry and then take a wet sponge and wipe off the glaze leaving it in the recessed areas. It is then loaded and fired a second time. The tiles are now ready for installation.
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