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Sisterlocks Info


The best place to get information about Sisterlocks is the Sisterlocks Home Office. The web address is http://www.sisterlocks.com, and they can be reached by phone at (619)291-5116.

The Sisterlocks Home Office is the place to find out if there is a consultant in your area, or if there are training classes in your area. They can give you all the information you need to make your Sisterlocks hair or business decision.

The Home Office is also the place where you can purchase Sisterlocks hair products, books, and videos. And by the way, although the products (moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners) were formulated to enhance the Sisterlocks hairlocking method, these products are great for everyone, not just for people who have Sisterlocks. The products work great and wash out completely -- leaving no buildup in the hair at all.  Uh oh... I'm starting to sound like a commercial, so let me move on. :-)


Update -- 2012
I have taken the Sisterlocks training class and now am officially a Sisterlocks consultant trainee. I'm listed on the Home Office website's registry. So if you're in the Metro Detroit area and you're interested in learning more about Sisterlocks or are looking for someone to do them for you who is properly trained, I'm here for you! Check out my website at My Own Hair!. I also carry the full line of Sisterlocks hair products at great prices!

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