The Orange Grove

  • view of the house The Orange Grove sits on 1 Hectare of land (about 2.7 acres). It has about 600 mature (25 years old or so) orange trees of the variety of tarocco of the family of blood oranges, after the red color of their pulp. Beside their normal use as table fruits, in Sicily they are used as salad! When properly cared for and pruned, the grove gives on the average, about 10 tons of oranges per year. It is big enough and small enough to make a small hobby/business out of it. Maintanence is minimal as there is built in an irrigation system that brings water to each and every tree by underground pipes. It literally suffices to "open the faucet" and check once in a while that the irrigation holes do not get clogged with dirt. view of the house The property has also about 35 olive trees of the variety of Nocellara Etnea (see right) of maturity ranging from 15 to 30 years. They are in full production and give enough olive oil for the whole extended family. It has also a large 30 year old avocado tree in full production. Scattered across the property there are also apricot, plum, fig, lemon, grapefruit, and pomogranate trees. The pictures below show blood orange salad with black olives (left) and onions (middle), and olive oil made out of Nocellara Etnea olives (right).
orange_salad side_house side_oven