The McCarty family is one of the original families of the New Ireland settlement. This community was located in Carrollton, New York. The remnants of the settlement may be found in what is now Allegany State Park. This is the largest state park in New York and what many consider the most beautiful. We have found that the McCarty's emigrated from Dunnail, County Clare, Ireland. As with most Irish immigrants of this period, we believe they were fleeing from either the tenant evictions or the Potato Famine. We have also found that the name McCarty becomes McCarthy as the generations pass.

The patriarch of the family was Jeremiah McCarty, who was the first Catholic settler in the Limestone/New Ireland area. In 1852, he wrote home to have his wife, Margaretann, join him in America. It was a common practice at this time, that the husband would emigrate first, accumulate enough money for his family's passage and then send for them. One necessary step of this process was securing a character reference for these new immigrants. You will see Margaretann's recommendation written by John Sheehan, a parish priest, from Dunnail, Co. Clare, Ireland, on our document page. McCarty letter.

We have been told by a descendent that it is believed Simon Mc Carty worked on the railroad before finding a place to settle in New Ireland.

On November 6th, 1850 Michael McCarty made his intention to become a American known. It is not mandated that a landed immigrant take citizenship. On August 25th, seven years later he denounced his allegiance to the Queen of Great Britain and thus became an U.S. citizen. Daniel McCarty his brother, became a citizen of the United States in 1860. naturalization papers

We discovered that one of the later members of the McCarty family; John T. McCarthy was elected Mayor of the Town of Limestone.( see McCarty obit)

An interesting historical coincidence we uncovered was that Billy the Kid's mother's name was Catherine Mc Carty. It is known that she first lived in the Irish tenements of New York City until the mid 1850s and then moved west. Her whereabouts is unknown until the later 1850's when she turns up in the newly acquired western territory. It would be interesting to find out if she is related in any way to the McCarty's of New Ireland or even may have stopped there on her journey west?

Family Tree

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Jeremiah McCarty Family

Jeremiah McCarty(b.1815)----------m.----------Margaretann Carmody(b.1830)

4 children

Michael(b.1852) Catherine(b.1854) Mary(b.1856) Jeremiah(b.1858)

Simon McCarty Family
Daniel(b.1853 in Great Bend, Pennsylvania) Mary(b.1857) John(b.1862) Michael(b.1867) Anastasia(b.1868) Matthew(b.1871?) Elizabeth(b.8/25/1873)

John McCarty Family

John McCarty(b.1826)----------m----------Bridget(b.1822)

1 child


Daniel McCarty Family

Daniel McCarty(b.1853)----------m.----------Mary Spellacy(b.1860)

10 Children(only the boys lived past the age of 10)

Set of triplets

Mary(b.1893) Margaret(b.1893) Catherine(b.1893)

Jennie(b.1866) Lucy(b.1898) Mary(b.)

John Thomas "J.T."(b.1885) Paul(b.1891) David Benedict(b.1894) Martin(b.)

John Thomas McCarty

J. T. McCarty(b.1885)----------m.----------Mary Leonard(b.4/1/1888)

6 children

Jack(b.) Daniel(b.) Leonard(b.1914) Robert P.(b.1920)

Mary Jeanne(b.) Joe(b.)

Elizabeth McCarty-Cory Family 

(married in 1865 both on second marriage)

John Cory(b.1810)----------m.----------Elizabeth McCarty(b.1815)

No children

I do not know what Elizabeth's maiden name was but in her first marriage she married into the McCarty family.

Martin McCarty Family

Martin McCarty(b.1835)----------m.----------Catherine Cory(b.1840)

4 children

Maria(b.1862) John J.(b.1863) Martin Jr.(b.1871) Daniel(b.1880)

Martin is the son from Elizabeth's first marriage.

Daniel McCarty Family

Daniel McCarty(b.1824)----------m.----------Ellen(b.1822)

no children that I have found so far

For information on the death of Simon McCarty go to St. Patrick's Church.

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