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I Buy Comics and Collectibles of all types.

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I am open to considering almost any comic book produced before 1980
Any magazine produced prior to 1970
Any Pop Culture by-product prior to 1980
Any Illustrations that just look good to me.

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Email me with as much information about what you have as possible. The LEAST I need is the number of comics you have and how much you want for them. I DON'T MAKE OFFERS except on Golden Age and Premium Silver Age.

I buy according to a variety of reasons - but the strongest reason is price. Please send your lowest price and as much information you can provide to the email links all over this page.

little annie fanny

I buy pre-code horror, crime, romance, or sci-fi comics in Very Good or better.

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Particular others :

Atlas, DC, Marvel, EC, Rip Off Press, Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, War comics, Movie comics, Funny Animal comics, Disney comics... etc.

Swamp Thing, Little Annie Fanny, Mr. Natural, Superman, Batman, Kirby, Ditko, Stan Lee, John Byrne, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder, - I could go on and on... etc.

Action #254, 255, 263 (VG/F at G or better price),583 (NM only, $2.50)

Avengers #88, 101 (NM only, $4 each)

Batman #237 (NM only, $11)

Cindy Comics (all,VG or better shape)

Chamber Of Chills#1 ('72, NM only)

Classics Illustrated #124 (HRN125, 1/55, VG or better)

Complete Love Magazine V26#2 (VG or better)

Cracked (Magazine) #1, 10, 12-14, 16, Giant nn (+A.E.Neuman and Superhero -covers)

Crazy (Magazine) (all, NM only)

Creepy #1 (NM, $25), #32, 113

DC 100 Page Super Spectacular #4-6 (NM only)

Detective #371 (VG or better) ,567 (NM only $1.50)

EC (various EC comics according to price and condition)

Flip #1,2 (VG or better)

Four Color (many various issues- Movies, Disney, Personalities, etc.)

Groovy #1 (Fine or better)

House Of Mystery #176, 179-181, 183-251 (Fine or better)

Huckleberry Hound #1 (4-Color 990)

Humbug all (F or better)

Incredible Hulk #140

Intimate Love #10

Jonah Hex #1

Love Confessions #8

Mad #1 - 100 (Depending on condition and price.)

Marvel Premire #47,48 (.50 each)

Panic #1, 5 (VG or better)

Plop! (All issues. NM only.)

Richie Rich #100

Secrets of Haunted House (various issues,NM only, discount priced)

Super DC Giant (various issues)

Cherry Poptart

Star Spangled War Stories #167

TV Casper & Company #1

Two-Gun Kid #45-47,58

Unexpected #110,112-118,121,124,203,212

Wacky Races #1

Walt Disney Comics And Stories (various middle issues #120 and up)

Walt Disney Showcase (photo covers)

Wanted Comics (various issues)

War Comics #11

Web Of Horror #1-3

Weird Science-Fantasy #24

Weird War Tales  #1-10 (1st series, '71-83)

Weird Western Tales #12, 13

Wonder Woman #132,159 (first series, plus various issues before #200)

World's Finest #156

Young Life #2

Youthful Romances (various Photo covers)


Please send your discounted prices to the link below.

Notice that none of these are extremely high priced books. I did not list dream comics that I want but could never afford, so please know that I'm serious about wanting these books.

Also Wanted - Godzilla card #97 from the 1996 import set (not the chromiums)!


Original magazines featuring Betty Page

Betty Page