Dave's Puzzle Page

Here are a number of puzzles to try your wits on. Some of them are about physics and math. Some of them are just interesting questions. You can get the answers by clicking the answer link in each puzzle. But try to think out the answer first. I hope that each puzzle or question will be interesting.

Scientific Research?

Because of your intelligence and concern for the public welfare you have been picked as a citizen member of a panel awarding scientific grants.

Using the most advanced experimental techniques, Sam Serious proposes to obtain a more accurate measurement of the number of inches in a foot.

Using equally advanced experimental techniques, Susan Serendipity proposes to make a more accurate measurement of the speed of light.

Which, if either, of these two proposals would you approve?

I give up! Give me the answer .

A Philosophical Diet Plan

Socrates had a simple diet plan that is very effective for many people. Do you know what it was?

I want to know that diet plan !

Bach's Sons

Johann Sebastian Bach had many sons who were famous musicians in their own right. But not all of Bach's sons were musicians. One was an accountant. Do you know who that was?

I give up! Give me the answer .

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