Political Statement by David Park

The United States cannot dominate the rest of the world by economic and military force and should not even try. Our business is to look after the welfare of our own people, to behave justly, and to make cooperative arrangements with the rest of the world.

Israel and the Zionists cannot dominate the entire Muslim world by military means, even with the help of the United States, and should not even try.

The American attack on Iraq and the subsequent occupation are illegal acts of aggression based on a pack of lies. They violate the principles we ourselves established at the Nuremberg trials after World War II, the Geneva conventions, the UN Charter and American law itself. The twelve year American military blockade of Iraq and the agression have resulted in at least two million Iraqi deaths, almost all of them civilian. Those public officials who planned, voted for, and executed these actions should be held to account before proper American or International Courts.

At the present time (Jan 2007) there is much talk about a possible American/Israeli attack on Iran. The military forces seem to be moving into place, and the same kind of propaganda that was used before the Iraq invasion is seeping into the American media. This will be an equal crime and should be prevented by all means.

The Zionist enterprise has largely failed. It was far too expensive: militarily, economically (the Iraq war already has embedded costs for Americans exceeding $1 Trillion), politically and morally (the occupation of Palestinian lands are equally as illegal as the Iraq war, and are in clear violation of the Geneva conventions.) It does not make the Jewish people safer. The Israelis could have a two-state solution now - if they wished. It was offered to them in 2002 by all the Arab countries and by the Palestinians - even Hamas. But it requires Israeli acceptance of the Palestinians and a Palestinian state that is truly viable with control of its own borders, airspace and resources. We do not need a 'peace process' or a 'road map'. We need a settlement. Failing that, there should be a non-Jewish one-state solution.

Concomitant with American imperial reach and aggression there has been an erosion of Constitutional principles and individual rights. Unwarranted and secret searches, the loss of privacy, the militarization of civil society, the proliferation of SWAT teams and internal check points, and the suspension of habeas corpus and due process pose a much greater threat to Jews in America and to everyone in America than any 'terrorist threat'. To inure the American people to the 'rule of men' and 'exceptional measures for exceptional times' rather than to educate them in the substance of liberty and the rule of law is a mistake that can turn today's privileged into tomorrow's oppressed. The rule of law means not only that you and I must obey the law but, more importantly, that government agents must obey the law.

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