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An ExtendUnits Package

The ExtendUnits package facilitates unit converstions. Units should be considered as part of the data for a calculation and as such are best entered only at the end of a derivation or calculation when data values are also substituted. Then, using approximate numbers, it is possible to provide many routines, useful in practice that are not provided by the standard Units package alone. The ToUnit routine can be used as a postfix command and applies to a wider class of expressions than Convert does. It has a PrefixForm which will automatically generate the correct SI prefix. It allows conversion to multiple compatible units at once. It allows compatible descending units to be parsed, such as 2 Hour + 31 Minute + 32.03 Second. It allows real number conversion to Degree. It allows unit expressions to be deunitized with controlled implied units for use in plotting and numerical routines. The ReducedUnits commands allow the implementation of reduced unit systems such as geometrized units in relativity or atomic units in atomic theory. In addition to regular Mathematica units, the users can install their own units.
A copy of the installation instructions is also included in the downloaded zip file.

Conversion to and from Decibel units added.

The Version 6 package now has paclet documentation and an ExtendUnits palette that also covers the Units and PhysicalConstants packages.

There is a Mathematica Version 9+ package, a Mathematica Version 6 to 8 package and a Mathematica Version 4.0 through Version 5.2 package. One purchase gets you any or all. The Version 9+ package retains the older symbolic names and does not use the Quantity or new string units. All the symbolic definitions from the old Units and PhysicalConstants packages are included.

ExtendUnits Version 4.0-5.2 Installation Instructions 2KB, 1 Nov 2005.
ExtendUnits Version 6.0 Installation Instructions 2KB, 19 May 2007.
ExtendUnits Version 9+ Installation Instructions 2KB, 22 Sep 2013.
Purchase ExtendUnits Package $30,
Pre-Version 6: 106 KB Packages and Documentation, 16 Sep 2006;
Version 6 to 8: 719 KB Packages and Documentation, 10 Mar 2011
Version 9+: 740 KB Packages and Documentation, 22 Sep 2013

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