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Per correr migliori acque alza le vele
   ormai la navicella del mio ingegno
   che lascia dietro a sé mar sì crudele.

For better waters heading with the wind
   My ship of genius now shakes out her sail
   And leaves that ocean of despair behind.
Opening lines of Dante's Il Purgatorio
Dorothy L. Sayers Translation

Dave enjoys using the Mathematica computer program while studying physics and mathematics. The Mathematica page contains various Mathematica notebooks and packages which might be of interest to Mathematica afficionados. He also enjoys gathering or composing little puzzles and questions about physics and other matters. You can try some of these on the Puzzle Page.

Political Statement by David Park.

Alice is a poet and translator of poetry. She has been published in The Lyric, The Formalist, Hellas, Blue Unicorn and Cricket.

Here are some poems for your pleasure:

Alice J. Park: 28 November 1933 - 31 March 2013 In Memoriam

We love to read books aloud together. We find it much more enjoyable than watching movies or television. If you pick the right books, there is always something interesting to discuss. We will often present here short reviews of some of the books we have enjoyed. We hope you too will find something enjoyable among them.

Information on Dave's childhood home in Bemidji, Minnesota. Picture

A guided tour of the house by my two sisters, Margaret 7 years older and Mary, 15 years younger. Tour

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Alice points out a glaring error in my proof of the Riemann Hypothesis