Vehicle Art


This is the "Industrial Motor Bike"  I built it it Ron Finch's shop over a year period.  Here are a few descriptors. .The leading link front end down tubes are from a 1962 HD FLH. I bent them and welded on the pivot points, then made up the links out of aluminum bar stock. The fender is HD as is the wheel. The triple trees are 1" plate cut to fit. The head light is from a mid 50s Mac truck and the spot lights are industrial work lights.

.The gas tank is from a Farmall "A" tractor with a tunnel cut in to fit over the back bone. The instrument panel is made from diamond plate and have an oil temp, oil pressure, hydraulic temp, and water temp gauge, as well as the key switch. The handle bars are 1 and 3/4 inch bent tubing and the raisers are big nuts bored out to fit the bars. All hand controls are HD after market. The gauge on the bars is the hydraulic pressure gauge.

.The rear fender is a trailer fender with diamond plate sides screwed on. The tail light is a front turn signal from a mid 40s school bus. The red Jerry cans have the tops cut and hinged and are saddle bags. The rack is from a 50s Cushman scooter. The stainless tanks are the Hydraulic reservoirs. The seat is from an old tractor.

.The engine is a Continental Y112 out of a fork truck driving a hydraulic pump which drives a hydraulic motor on the swing arm which drives a chain to the back wheel....which is a Mickey Thompson car rim with a split hub. The tire is a 230mm. the floor boards are the steps from an old slide and they are cast and read "AMERICAN". The frame is all 4130 chrome molly tubing and wieldable high pressure joint fittings.
















This is the Cassutt 111M.  I picked it up as an uncompleted project and finished it.  It flies like you are wearing it.  Fast and nimble.







Dennis Nagle