The Literacy List is a large collection of free Adult Basic Education and English language (ELL/ESL/ESOL) Web sites, electronic discussion lists ("listservs") and communities of practice (CoPs), and other Internet resources for adult basic skills learners, teachers and tutors. The resources have been suggested by adult literacy and ELL practitioners. Within each category, links are in alphabetical order, so the first ones are not necessarily the best or most often used. Because The Literacy List has several separate web pages, and because hard copy versions are quickly dated, I suggest that you bookmark rather than print it.  If you would like to recommend an Internet resource, or if you have trouble accessing a link here, please let me know.

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On the following linked pages a 
 indicates a site with instruction for students.

Websites for Teachers and Adult Learners

Free Internet Tools for Teachers and Students
Productivity tools, e-mail, web site design,
and more

ABE, ASE, ESOL/ESL and Career Pathways Instructional Videos

2014 High School Equivalency Exam Videos

Computer and Other Digital Literacy Lessons

Online and Distance Learning Adult Education Resources

Electronic Lists and Communities of Practice

Web-based Lesson Plans

Mobile Learning (m-learning)
Instruction delivered by mobile phone
or on web-accessible handheld devices
such as a smartphone, tablet or netbook

Adult Education Software Reviews

Fundraising and Grant Information Web Sites

Webpage Design Tools

Online Internet Training Resources


Web-based Virtual Field Trips

An Eclectic Collection of Other Good Websites

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