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June 2014


Operational Commands as of 31 May 2014


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during May 2014.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 31 May 2014.


Iraqi Army 


The 7 May Khaima mentioned the 110th Technical Equipment Regiment in Anbar. This is the first report of the 110th TER.  Previous reports of the 1st and 115th TERs indicate significant expansion of these regiments.  What their purpose is has not been identified – they are either maintenance or signals intelligence units.


A proposed FMS sale of 200 M1151 HMMWVs to equip the Iraqi Army’s Oil Pipeline Security Division was announced by DSCA.   This is the same as the initial issue of HMMWVs to IA Infantry Divisions:  15 per Battalion and 5 per Brigade HQ for 50 total per Brigade - 4 Brigades.  This Division has also been receiving 120mm Mortar training indicating it is to be an Infantry Division assigned to oil security vice a Security Division.  According to the 28 May Khaima the IA Oil Protection Division has been designated the IA 18th Division.


Iraqi Aviation


Iraq’s first F16D made its maiden flight in Texas.  4-8 F16s are expected to deliver by year’s end.


Iraq has requested a possible sale of 24 AT-6C Texan II Aircraft for light air support [COIN]. 


Iraq has requested a possible sale of 7 Aerostats (17 meter) and 14 Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) Tower Systems.


According to the 28 May Khaima Iraq has received a 2nd delivery of 4 Mi35s at New Al Muthanna AB.  This brings the number of Iraqi Mi35s to 8.  Despite other rumors - Mi28NEs have not been delivered yet.



DJ Elliott