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Iraqi Security Force Update January 2012


Brigade OOB as of 31 December 2011 


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during December 2011.  The article “ISF Total Force Mobilization Update December 2011” was published separately and will not be addressed here.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 31 December 2011.  Highlights in this update include:   

  • Kurdish forces still working with ISF; KRG getting a utility squadron of helicopters.
  • Iraqis shopping in Moscow; Mortars and unidentified armor received from Serbia; Kalsu to be IA Logistics Base.
  • Iraqis say they need 6 squadrons of F16s; First squadron of F16s ordered; Second squadron of F16s starting process of ordering; First of 6 C130J delivering in December 2012; Second An-32 delivered with remaining 4 delivering in 2012.
  • Iraqi Navy getting Scan Eagle drones?




The 3rd Regional Guards Brigade in north Diyala is still reported partnered with Iraqi Army 4/1 Brigade.  In spite of propaganda about Kurdish forces opposing Iraqi Security Forces, the Kurdish forces in the disputed territories are still partnered with and work with ISF units.


According to Kurdish press, the KRG is getting 4 utility helicopters for "traffic police" and 6 more for an "Air Ambulance" service.  These helicopters provide the KRG forces with an independent aviation capability.


Iraqi Army


While there are reports of negotiations in Moscow for armor, all previous reports of direct purchases from Russia went nowhere.  The only purchases of weapons from Russia to date were Mi-17 helicopters at the recommendation of the US and via US Foreign Military Sales program.


An unknown number of mortars are delivering from Serbia.  There is also mention of some “armor” being delivered.  "Some pieces of armors contracted with Serbia arrived today in Iraq, the Parliamentary Security and Defense Commission disclosed today.  The shipment included mortars and ammunitions.  The Commission added that parts of the artillery will be received within the coming two months.  The Iraqi Interior Ministry's electronic site quoted a source in the Parliamentary Commission saying that the "directions are to diversify the Iraqi arms".  The source added that "Iraq needs more time to train its forces on how to use the new weapons". 

Iraq calls 120mm mortars “Artillery”.  The mention of the Ministry of Interior and armor could indicate that the armor is Lazar Armored Personnel Carriers for Federal Police use vice for the IA.  The Lazar was first mentioned for this possible role in 2009.  Alternatively, the armor could be self-propelled artillery for the Iraqi Army or something else.  The last time this Parliamentary Commission was quoted, they claimed that Iraq was receiving fighters in December – the only aircraft received were transports.


When FOB Kalsu was turned over, the commander of the 8th Division and Mid-Euphrates Operational command mentioned its planned role:   "He added that Kalsu Base has a strategic importance because it will be a base for logistic support to the Mid Euphrates Operations Command."  This could mean the establishment of a National Depot or smaller logistics force to fill the gap in level 3 [corps] logistics.


Iraqi Air Force


The Iraqi Government is still saying it needs a total of 6 squadrons of F-16s to provide air defense and is estimating “after 2017” before completion.  The first squadron-sized order of F16s was contracted through US Foreign Military Sales and consists of 18 F16C/D Block 52 fighters [12 single-seat C-models and 6 two-seat D-models].  The US Congress has been notified of the second intended squadron-sized order of 18 F16s.  This order includes additional equipment not ordered in the first such as 120 JHMCS:

  • 18 F-16IQ aircraft,
  • 24 F100PW-229 or F110-GE-129 Increased Performance Engines,
  • 120 LAU-129/A Common Rail Launchers,
  • 24 APG-68(V)9 radar sets,
  • 19 M61 20mm Vulcan Cannons,
  • 100 AIM-9L/M-8/9 SIDEWINDER Missiles,
  • 150 AIM-7M-F1/H SPARROW Missiles,
  • 50 AGM-65D/G/H/K MAVERICK Air to Ground Missiles,
  • 200 GBU-12 PAVEWAY II Laser Guided Bomb Units (500 pound),
  • 50 GBU-10 PAVEWAY II Laser Guided Bomb Units (2000 pound),
  • 50 GBU-24 PAVEWAY III Laser Guided Bomb Units (2000 pound),
  • 22 ALQ-211 Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suites (AIDEWS), or Advanced Countermeasures Electronic System (ACES) (ACES includes the ALQ-187 Electronic Warfare System and AN/ALR-93 Radar Warning Receiver),
  • 20 AN/APX-113 Advanced Identification Friend or Foe (AIFF) Systems (without Mode IV),
  • 20 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Embedded GPS/ Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), (Standard Positioning Service (SPS) commercial code only),
  • 20 AN/AAQ-33 SNIPER or AN/AAQ-28 LITENING Targeting Pods,
  • 4 F-9120 Advanced Airborne Reconnaissance Systems (AARS) or DB-110 Reconnaissance Pods (RECCE),
  • 22 AN/ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispensing Systems (CMDS),
  • 20 Conformal Fuel Tanks (pairs),
  • 120 Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems (JHMCS),
  • 20 AN/ARC-238 Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Systems,
  • 10,000 PGU-27A/B Ammunition,
  • 30,000 PGU-28 Ammunition,
  • 230 MK-84 2000 lb General Purpose Bombs, and
  • 800 MK-82 500lb General Purpose Bombs.


Training of Iraqi Pilots on C130J-30 transport aircraft has started with the first of 6 ordered due to deliver in Dec 2012.


The 2nd An-32 transport aircraft was delivered in December.  The 3rd and 4th are reported to arrive in January 2012, with the 5th and 6th arriving by mid 2012.


Iraqi Navy


The Iraqi Navy may be getting drones to provide maritime reconnaissance support.  "What the Iraqi Navy is getting is Scan Eagles. If there are any other desires for something bigger, broader or for more of them, I don’t know about them. But that doesn’t mean that the army might not be amongst the future decisions that the Iraqi government makes." 



Regarding talk about a "defense pact" from the previous post; I don't think there ever was a pact between the US and Kuwait before the Gulf War. If Iraq were to be invaded in the same manner, what's to prevent the US from coming to Iraq's rescue, as it did for Kuwait?

Maz (01/04/2012 08:58:54)


Kuwait had treaties with UK and the rest of the GCC. 4 of the 6 members of the GCC had defense treaties with the US - including Saudi. We were well aware that the RG commander had Saddam's permission to continue into Saudi if he thought he could take them. Fortunately, The General was well aware of the fate of senior Iraqi officers that showed too much initiative and he stopped short. For that matter, we had agreements that allowed Kuwait to re-flag their ships with the US during the Iran-Iraq War. The US assumed the UK's role of protecting the GCC when the UK withdrew in 1973. //// Iraq has no defense treaties with anyone. They are not the US tripwire - The GCC is. Iraq is expendable since it chose to go it alone...

DJ Elliott (01/05/2012 01:04:00)


Well, that effectively makes Saddam more of an idiot in my eyes... If Iraq were to be invaded, can we afford to lose 3mb/d (or 2-3x that amount within the next decade) from the market overnight or will we be forced to protect it simply because we need it? ...Something tells me the answer is 'nope', Iraq is not 'too big to fall'. But if that's true, then why is Iraq choosing to go it alone when it is most vulnerable? Do they simply believe they have no enemies to overly worry about? Or is it simply more idiocy?

Maz (01/05/2012 04:12:48)


Saddam was incompetant. For the first 2 months of Desert Storm, the US was running a bluff. Storm'n Norman flat out said so afterwords. The aircraft arrived without ammo. Saudi Stocks were only good for 4 days of fighting. The Saudis had all of 3 Brigades on the Kuwaiti border to face the 9 Iraqi Divisions. The 82nd and 101st had only 8 hours of ammo. Until the shipborne supplies and troops arrived and fielded, Saudi was wide open. Our own estimates were we would be overrun in 10-12 days. Then the 2 MEBs, a second CVBG, 24th Div, and the ammo started to arrive. /// I suspect the Iraqi politicians just could not believe that the US would actually leave. I do know that the Iraqi Military has been saying they would not be ready until 2020 or later since 2006 - the politicians just did not and do not want to hear it. Hense the gag-order on IMoD the last 2 years. An order that several Iraqi Generals have ignored...

DJ Elliott (01/06/2012 01:23:31)


Hi DJ First I want to congratulate the Iraqi army on it’s 91 anniversary, I saw the parade like many of you and the new things in this parade were , the Iraqi paratroopers ; I have no idea if they just show or the Iraqi army intends to develop an entire unite. Second was that all of the Iraqi divisions were carrying M-16 rifles. Third the Btr-4 had lord cage protection similar to the US Striker IFV. Fourth was the water bridging equipment , five mobile river boats . Six 3 EC 635 first on show in an army parade . Seven was FMTV trucks pulling M198. Eight big no shows the T-55 , BTML 23M , REVA MRAP.

Jack winters (01/06/2012 06:09:03)


Jack : Is it streamed on the internet , I couldn't watch it today

Almaleki (01/06/2012 12:04:52)


DJ : starting an Iraqi rotary wing section in the update would be great ,, I mean there was somekind a helo training , you guys talked about in the past post ,, And I said let's just wait the update .\\ sorry if being a slavedriver ,, I found out that slavedriver is actually an occupation in Aristocratic community like South Iraq agricultural society , my dad's uncle , grandfather , great grandfather , and the father of the last , were all slavedrivers "Serkal" so it runs in blood .

Almaleki (01/06/2012 12:11:59)


Jack: T55s are in Ninawa/Basrah these days. The Revas are MoI [Federal Police]. Wish I knew more about the Paras too. /// Also wish the video was clearer so that I could read the unit numbers on the unit markings. /// Almaleki: Rotary wing is aviation. Not enough reporting to justify spliting that category. Not surprised, several millenia of slave trade in that region guaranteed you had some ancestors in the business...

DJ Elliott (01/06/2012 03:25:33)


DJ : Actually they weren't slaves but farmers who worked under sheikhs & Mullas & Serkals hands (my grandfathers were mullas ,, they knew how to read & write while others didn't)

Almaleki (01/09/2012 10:33:14)


In other words they were Lords or Barons. The differences between slave, serf, or peasent was not all that great in those days. Did you know that Socialism is nothing more than repackaged Lord/Peasent, Lord/Serf, or Master/Slave Compact? The slave does the work while the master is supposed to provide leadership, protection, and distributes/owns everything. /// Saw the Police Parade video - Revas were present along with Badgers. No M1117s participated which makes me wonder what the 1st FPM Bde is doing. /// Trying to figure out what the reference to ISOF having LAV25s is about at this site.

DJ Elliott (01/10/2012 05:43:48)


LAV-25 - See Aviation Weeks Ares blog "GD Wins Bigger Conctract for LAV II Build". 155 vechiles in six different variants for unnamed customer. Could that be Iraqi order?

Mystery Shopper, (01/20/2012 02:21:47)


IIRC that turned out to be Saudi...

DJ Elliott (01/21/2012 03:28:19)


Mystery Shopper: When that article originally came out - I asked the same question. Turned out to be more orders for SANG. By the way, you almost went to SPAM with that name... //// Jeffrey B.: The Leopards for Saudi are the latest answer for a replacement of the AMX-30s still in the SALF. First they asked about LeClerks, then T90s, both of those deals fell through. The AMX-30s are about 2 decades overdue for replacement. Note: SALF can't man the armor it already has - only 3 of the 5 divisions worth of armor are manned with 2 mech divs of US armor being de facto US prepositioning sets. Saudi is not worried about Iraq - they are worried about Iran.

DJ Elliott (01/21/2012 07:59:36)


Hi DJ Iraq will receive its two OSV in the third quarter of 2012 this is according to River hawk RiverHawk Fast Sea Frames Builds For Foreign Navies On Florida's west coast, RiverHawk Fast Sea Frames remains busy with U.S. Foreign Military Sales or FMS contracts. Jacob Shuford, RiverHawk's Development Director, said “our offshore support vessels One and Two are scheduled to be delivered to the U.S. Navy in March and June, respectively, and both should be delivered to the Iraqi Navy in third-quarter 2012. They are 60 meters long, 11.2 meters in breadth, with a design draft of 3.9 meters.” The vessels are being built under a contract administered by the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command. RiverHawk is the prime contractor, with Gulf Island Marine Fabricators in Houma subcontracted to make the vessels' steel hulls and aluminum deckhouses and to do outfitting. The OSVs will be equipped with helicopter decks, fast attack boats and guns.

Jack Winters (01/22/2012 09:22:45)


Thanks Jack. This means that the completion of 2nd of the OSVs is ~3 months ahead of schedule. Contract schedual was for August and December deliveries.

DJ Elliott (01/22/2012 09:42:49)


Hi DJ Iraq is very interested in the L159 and also wants new build aircraft made by Czech , this is according to the Czech defense minister after meeting the Iraqi defense minister… PRAGUE — The Czech Republic is looking to sell dozens of Czech-made L-159 subsonic jet fighters to Iraq, Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra said after talks Jan. 23 with his Iraqi counterpart in Prague. "The talks are very intensive ... and concern dozens of planes," Vondra told reporters after meeting Iraq's acting Defence Minister Saadun al-Dulaimi. Al-Dulaimi said Iraq was "really very interested in the planes," which it wants as soon as possible. Vondra said the Czech side was offering new fighters made by Czech manufacturer Aero Vodochody, as well as 36 unused L-159s, which the defense ministry has been trying to sell for years. "Iraq is logically interested in new planes ... but it also wants the fighters as fast as possible, so we can use at least part of the unused planes owned by the defense ministry," Vondra said, refusing to give details about the price of the planes, which are facing competition from Britain's Hawk and South Korea's TA-50. Aero Vodochody, controlled by Czech-Slovak private equity group Penta, is the largest Czech aircraft producer and a subcontractor for Sikorsky, Saab and EADS and other manufacturers.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Jack winters (01/23/2012 09:54:01)


Saw that Jack. Still waiting for an actual contract. This has gone nowhere for quite some time now. /// That being said, it is starting to look like a high-low mix of 5-6 F16 squadrons for air defense and about the same number of Armed Trainers for light ground attack...

DJ Elliott (01/23/2012 10:13:07)

DJ Elliott