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Iraqi Security Force Update February 2012


Brigade OOB as of 31 January 2012


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during January 2012.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 31 January 2012.  The article “Iraqi Army Development Status January 2012” was written separately and will not be addressed here.   Highlights in this update include:   

  • 8th RGB located;  Iraqi Government not implementing agreements on Peshmerga. 
  • Little new at Army Day Parade; No contracts from Russia shopping trip. 
  • Still looking at L159s but, no contract. 
  • 2 OSVs to deliver in third-quarter 2012. 
  • New ISOF website.




The 8th Regional Guards Brigade has been located in Western Dahuk (Zahko).  Only a minority of Kurdish Regional Guards Brigades have been located in open source reporting.


According to the KRG Minister of Peshmerga Affairs:

"It is more than two years that we reached an agreement on Peshmarga numbers and budget," the minister said. "But none have been put into action."  The parties agreed that the Peshmarga force should not exceed 190,000 individuals; 90,000 to be retired and the rest to be re-named as border guards.  An agreement between Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to create two Iraqi army divisions in Kurdistan out of 30,000 border guards, was also issued as an order but was never carried out.  The minister added it is for the six successive year the Peshmarga budget is being discussed by the Council of Representatives. It has been decided Baghdad should fund the Peshmarga but the legislation is not enforced."


Iraqi Army


The Iraqi Army Day Parade had 6 BTR4s with slat-armor and parachutists.  Those were the only 2 new types of items in the parade.  Also, a surprising number of vehicles and artillery did not have visible unit markings, indicating they have not been issued to active IA battalions/regiments yet.


The IA was reported to have a delegation in Russia shopping for armored vehicles.  However, like all previous shopping trips to Moscow - no actual contracts have been reported.  To date, the only purchases by Iraq from Russia have been through US FMS and at US instigation – no direct purchases.


Iraqi Air Force


"The Czech Republic is looking to sell dozens of Czech-made L-159 subsonic jet fighters to Iraq.”   This is according to the Czech Defense Minister.  However, no actual contract has been announced.  It appears that the IqAF is planning to use armed jet trainers for light ground attack and F16s for air defense.


Iraqi Navy


The new Iraqi Offshore Support Vessels are reported to deliver to Iraq in the third-quarter 2012.  The previous reporting indicated delivery in August and December 2012, indicating one of these vessels is delivering ahead of schedule.


Iraqi Special Operations Force


A review of the new ISOF website indicates that the support and training battalions are now in the ISOF Support and Training Brigade.  Also, the 2nd ISOF Brigade does not list the Anbar/Ramadi based 9th Commando Battalion and LAV-25s are listed on the ISOF vehicle list.  There have been no reported LAV-25s provided/sold to Iraq and the 9th Commando Battalion was reported as a Brigade in October 2011.  Whether these are errors or not is undetermined at this time.


Hey DJ great update as usual. I was wondering if you had a chance to see this: Seems that theres just no end in sight for this issue.

Trophy Wench (02/11/2012 05:50:22)


Thanks TW. Saw that. Less than a month before that it was L159s but, no announced contracts. I suspect that the plan for the IqAF is F16s for air defense and armed trainer designs for light attack and training, which could mean both are being bought. Waiting for actual agreements vice words...

DJ Elliott (02/12/2012 06:30:58)


One majore problem with the reporting - it is all from the GoI side. No mention that I can find in the KS press. This GoI claim about contracts for tanks and T50s could be just hot air...

DJ Elliott (02/13/2012 09:17:35)

DJ Elliott