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Iraqi Security Force Update April 2012


Brigade OOB as of 31 March 2012


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during March 2012.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 31 March 2012.   Highlights in this update include:   

  • 10 battalions shifted to Baghdad for AL Summit; Rumors of BTR4 cancellation continue. 
  • Aviation contracts to announce in April, L159s still in contention. 
  • OSVs identified, 9 PBs delivered with 12th to deliver in May. 
  • Rumors of increased control of Basrah security by Baghdad.


Iraqi Army


During March the Iraqi Army shifted 6 battalions and the Federal Police shifted 4 battalions to reinforce security in Baghdad for the Arab League Summit.  OPSEC has been tight and no units IDs were reported in open sources.


There continues to be rumors of a cancellation of the BTR4 contract due to technical problems with the vehicles.  No official statements have been made by Iraqi or Ukrainian sources.


Iraqi Air Force


The probable purchase of 24 L159s remains in negotiations with no actual contract.  On 19 March it was reported that a decision would be made in 2 weeks.  No contract has been announced.  Iraq intends to hold an International Air and Defense Exhibition in mid-April; rumors are that Iraq will announce defense contracts then.


Iraqi Navy


The pennant numbers and names of the two building Offshore Support Vessels have been identified.  They are the Al Basrah [401] and Al Fayhaa [402].  The 7th and 8th Patrol Boats left Bahrain for Iraq and the 9th is delivering to Bahrain.  The 10-12 PBs are to deliver to NAVSEA [US] for inspection in May 2012.  Barring any problems, they should deliver in Iraq by the end of summer.  The article providing this information included a fairly conventional concept of operations for the employment of the IqN.


Iraqi Ministry of Interior


There are rumors in Basrah of an increase in direct Baghdad control of security there.  There are 2 possible explanations of this and they are not mutually exclusive:

  • The 4th FP Division and 2 of its Brigades have been training in south Baghdad – they are intended for Basrah and may have finally deployed there. 
  • The other probability is that the MoI Emergency Response Force may have completed training the Basrah ERB [Brigade].

Both of these probabilities could be happening at the same time – there has been training in both Basrah elements for some time now.  All provincial paramilitary police will eventually be absorbed, vetted, retrained, and brought under national control via absorption into the FP or the ERBs.  Baghdad has no intention of letting provincial governors and police chiefs retain control of paramilitary forces – the private armies are systematically being “Nationalized”.


That defensemedianewtwork article you posted was quite informative DJ. Two things I was curious about though. One: 'helicopter vertical replenishment' does NOT mean that a helicopter can land on the ship yes? And two: so the Iraqis are paying a US shipbuilder to refurbish those old, crappy Chinese boats when Swiftships have been delivering brand new, much better and similarly sized vessels for 2 years now? What possible need do they still have for them, other than just numbers? Oh and one more thing now that I have just re-read the article, when did they get around to completing the Al Faw class PBs?

Trophy Wench (04/04/2012 12:19:58)


VertRep does not mean helo pad - just enough deck room for a helo to drop a slingload without hitting anything. They actually need more boats when you look at the IRGCN small boat numbers. No idea when on the Al Faw - reporting has been thin for the entire ISF...

DJ Elliott (04/04/2012 05:49:37)


OK. I replaced my old computer which fried. Most of the odds and ends are now set up and I didn't loose anything prior to 31 March - always backup your data. If anybody has seen any new data in this first 2 weeks of April, I would appreciate the links. Between the computer being troubleshooted then dying and time spent setting up the replacement - I probably missed a few things...

DJ Elliott (04/13/2012 03:14:57)


you didn't miss much DJ. tomorrow the exhibition opens in Baghdad. I will try to get in if its open to the public and email you.

sheytanelkebir (04/14/2012 04:00:55)


what exhibition ?

Almaleki (04/17/2012 05:15:38) //// This small exhibition. Looks like mostly China, Korea - asian arms dealers. Biggest item was Korean T/A-50 - still not seeing arms deals, just talk... //// Still hearing about more elements of the IA getting armor training. More than 3x the number of units training compaired to the armor ordered - some order(s) are not being reported. Just too many bdes training for upgrade and no new tank/apc orders...

DJ Elliott (04/17/2012 08:40:49)

DJ Elliott