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Iraqi Security Force Update May 2012


Brigade OOB as of 30 April 2012


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during April 2012.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 30 April 2012.   Highlights in this update include:   

  • Romanian arms blacklisted; Second Batch of BTR4s ready for delivery while rumors continue of contract cancelation; 50/14 and 53/14 Brigades upgrading to Mech/Armor; Iraqi Army Upgrade Status Chart added. 
  • EC120Bs for KRG Police/SAR; Contract awarded for support of 30 Bell 407s; third AN-32B delivered;  F16 training at Al Asad; 24 F16s by end 2014?;  Iraq to join GCC to provide Air Defense?




According to Iraqi press reporting, the Parliamentary Defense and Security Committee has blacklisted Romanian arms manufacturers as a result of the last visit by a defense delegation to Romania.  They concluded that Romanian arms do not meet Iraqi standards.


At the same time as Al Sumaria News was reporting rumors of the BTR4 order being cancelled. the Ukrainians announced a second batch of 62 BTR4s ready for delivery.  This brings the total to 88 BTR4-varients delivered/delivering to date out of an order of 420.


According to a commenter’s e-mail describing a conversation with an IA soldier.

“Elements of the 50th and 53rd [Brigades] went to Taji and are changing to mech or armored - "probably Armored".  9th Div’s U/I Bde in Basrah is to move out.”   

This is unconfirmed and the first report of elements of the 14th Division’s 50/14 and 53/14 Brigades upgrading to armor or mechanized.


An Iraqi Army Upgrade Status chart is published on the OOB page to facilitate identification of units upgrading to mechanized, armored, or motorized.  This also aids in identifying missing components at battalion level.


[I was considering writing a separate article for the chart but, there is not enough new information being released to justify an article.  The ISF news blackout has been getting even stronger since the US withdrew. 

IMoD is not bothering to update its English language site, although the Arabic version does get some updates, and the Federal Police site has been down since the fall of 2011. 

According to DSCA’s EDA Bulletin Board, Iraq received no US Excess Defense Articles in FY2011, yet used equipment was transferred to the IA during that period. 

Press reporting with Iraqi unit IDs is getting very rare. 

What is apparent is that there are more units training on armor/mechanized equipment than there is equipment reported to be ordered. 

E.G.  The number of M113s reported being delivered would only equip the 9th Division and 1 battalion-equivalent per each of the brigades reported training on these APCs.  While there have been no reported new orders/deliveries of tanks, howitzers, or MRLs to go with the existing APC orders.]




According to a commenter identified as “KRG Pilot” on the visitors comments [04/09/2012 10:48:16]:  

Very nice blog. i like how accurate it is. its true that KRG have bought 11 helicopters. But yet ive only seen 3 of them(and flew 1),and they were all EC120B.But it could be true that some of them are jetrangers. We (kurds) have been training for these choppers since 2008.   

This is the first report that the helicopters delivered to the Kurdish Regional Government for Traffic control and SAR are EC120Bs vice previous mention of Jet Rangers.


A contract providing for the procurement of contractor logistics support for 30 Bell 407 helicopters has been awarded.  The Iraqi AAC is to receive those aircraft by the end of 2012.  These helicopters are to fill the Scout Helicopter role in the AAC while EC635s fill the attack role and Mi-17 variants fill the transport function.


The third AN32 delivered by the Ukrainians and confirmed delivered by IMoD.  The remaining 3 transports are to be delivered in 2012.


Contractor training of F16 pilots is to be performed at Al Asad Airbase.  This makes four bases identified as planned to operate F16s:  Al Asad, Balad Q-west, and Tallil.


According to press reporting quoting a member of the Parliament commission, the first 24 of 36 F16s is to be in Iraq during 2014.  They are to be organized into 2 squadrons of only 12 fighters each [normal is 16-18].  There have only been actual contracts announced so far for 6 F16Ds and 12 F16Cs.  The Parliament commission has been wildly wrong in past statements to the press.  To quote a regular Iraqi commenter:  “I wouldn't take a single word from the "parliament commission" seriously. They seem to be living in a parallel universe.” 


There is also talk of Iraq joining the Gulf Community Council, partially to provide an air defense for Iraq until they can build their own.  The GCC is an alliance of 6 nations in the Arabian Peninsula:  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Oman.  If this was to happen, it would be the first actual alliance that Iraq had joined since the fall of Saddam.


As always, thanks for the update DJ.

Maz (05/05/2012 01:06:26)


Thanks as always DJ, I wonder why did the Sumeria reportage on BTR4 delivery cancellation is deleted. Even though it would be nice to get into the GCC, but it looks like a nice comment from the only "looking" friendly country in the GCC - and even that one member looks not that so friendly in some occasions ! -, The recent news doesn't show GCC as a likely to be the pact Iraq would get into, at least not for this government ! but they can give Iraq a very decent aerial protection while Iraq can built it's own airforce.

Almaleki (05/07/2012 07:04:11)


No idea why the link went dead. Reality 101 - Iraq is the land route to the GCC. In event of a war, Iraq will be invaded since Iran does not have the amphib capabilities/Navy necissary for a successful over water invasion of the GCC. Which is why the GCC is looking at bringing Iraq into the fold despite not trusting GoI. "My enemy's enemy..."

DJ Elliott (05/07/2012 07:56:36)


Well, that rational "reality 101" is distracted by other things in ME. Politicians don't love reasonable acts, not like military men who tend to know their capabilities because of battle experience.

Almaleki (05/07/2012 08:58:35)


Iraq has always been the roadblock to Persian domination of the Arabian Peninsula. And irrational polititions tend to look for ways to remove blocks to expanding their power. Have you seen Iran's current ruling politicians acting particularly rational? Smart operators base alliances on capabilities - not perceived intentions. Even if their perception is correct - who knows who will be in charge tommarow? Or what their intentions are?

DJ Elliott (05/08/2012 03:55:29)


Hi DJ Great update as always , did you read the SIGIR report that came out in it (page 59) talks about Iraq getting avenger air defense battery . And that the Iraqi navy is training on scan eagle . And Iraq getting 440 m113 which we all now about and the confermation of the 560 m113s. That we talked about here . What do you think ?

Jack winters (05/08/2012 05:00:07)


Jack: Who do you think pointed out the Avenger mention to Hayder? Pg58 by the way. The rest is not new. The 1,026 M113 FOVs includes M577, M1064, M548, etc. These and Scan Eagle are not new - Avenger is the first mention. /// My questions are how many, which platform, and which varient of Avenger? If they are multi-purpose varient then they have ATGW capabilities as well as low-altitude tactical AD. Also Avenger can be mounted on M113/M548 which would explain why existing vehicles are taking over 2 years to refurb/deliver. It would also explain why no notices to congress and the choise of Bdes being upgraded to M113s, mot to mention an IA soldier in 10th Div saying the M113s they were getting are beter than BMP1s... //// To explain what I mean about which Bdes getting M113: 2 possible in Basrah, 2 in Maysan, 1 in Wasit, 1 in Babil, 5 in Baghdad [1 in IZ], 4 in Diyala, 2-4 in W Anbar, and 1-2 in W Ninawa. Iranian/Syrian Borders and Baghdad - the strategic dispersal of the initial distro of M113s would make sense from an ADA priority... //// Problem is that I do not have answers to my 3 questions - nobody is answering/commenting on these details. So everything I have concerning numbers, distribution, vehicle mounted, Avenger varient [with Javalin or just AD] is speculation ATT...

DJ Elliott (05/08/2012 03:23:07)


Note: The IA tends to update from bottom up. E.G. First were the 60mm mortars, then 81mm, then 120mm, now howitzers. I would suspect they are doing the same for air defense - first Stinger, then SLAMRAAM or I-Hawk [or ?], then... /// Note also that this system is compatable with all longer ranged systems and there is no better SHORADS fielded to date.

DJ Elliott (05/08/2012 06:23:30)


4 days after I shotgunned a request for information to all organizations involved in the Avenger program and no response. Why do I think SIGIR committed a security violation in mentioning it in their unclassified report?

DJ Elliott (05/11/2012 05:54:46)


I've been able to confirm that Avenger is modular. It depends on which Modules/ammo you buy as to what capabilities you have. Avenger recently was tested firing Hellfire and is rated as capable of Javalin, 70mm Rocket pods [both guided and unguided], .50 cal HMG, and is being further expanded. So far, I have no data as to what varient of capabilities the IA version is to have...

DJ Elliott (05/17/2012 06:00:46)

DJ Elliott