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Iraqi Security Force Update June 2012


Brigade OOB as of 31 May 2012


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during May 2012.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 31 May 2012.   Highlights in this update include:  

  • 6th FP Division cancelled?  Zeravani returning to KRG command.
  • Avenger Air Defense for Iraq; Second batch of BTR4s delivering. 
  • Only 18 F16s ordered so far; Fifth An-32 delivered.
  • Baghdad transitioning to Federal Police in July; Anbar PSF becoming FP Division?




It appears that the absorption of the Zeravani into Iraqi Ministry of Interior has been reversed and 6th FP Division cancelled.  "Police, Zeravani forces and the ministry forces will be called Kurdistan region’s “Rapid Reaction Forces” that directly would be under the command of the KRG Interior Ministry."  Additional reporting indicates the force is being reorganized into 2 division sized forces under the KRG.   "After the unification, the two forces merged and became the Task Force Police of the Kurdistan Region and divided into first and second command in Erbil and Sulaimani. They now have one uniform, the same salary scales and receive directives from the Ministry of Interior. Even their promotions are decided by the Ministry of Interior. After two months, these two commands will be completely unified."   Apparently, the same political issues that cancelled the formation of the IA’s 15th and 16th Mountain Divisions has now reversed the official absorption of the Zeravani into the ISF.  [Note:  Listing the commands under provincial Emergency Police in the OOB for now.]




The April 2012 SIGIR Quarterly Report mentioned the Avenger Air Defense System under US Foreign Military Sales as an active program [pg 58] but provided no further details.  Avenger is modular - depending on components ordered, the system could fire a variety of weapons other than the basic Stinger/.50 cal mix including Javalin, Hellfire, 70mm rockets, etc and could be mounted on any number of vehicles including HMMWV, M113, M548, etc.  There have been no further reports or official comments providing additional details on this program.


Despite defects in the fire-control system reported by Russian press, according to Ukrainian press the second batch of BTR4s [62] appears to be delivering after being accepted by Iraq.




While most press continue to talk about Iraq ordering 36 F16s, only 18 have actually been funded/ordered.  "In addition to an initial purchase of 18 F-16 aircraft in September 2011, during the meetings the Government of Iraq reconfirmed its interest in purchasing a second set of 18 F-16s and the United States reconfirmed its commitment to the sale.


The fifth of six ordered An-32s was delivered to the 23rd Squadron.  The last is to deliver in June.  "The first two An-32 aircraft were sent to Iraq in November and December 2011. Two more planes were delivered to Iraq in April 2012. A sixth plane is to be delivered to the customer in June 2012."


Ministry of Interior


The Iraqi Interior Ministry is starting to take over the lead in Baghdad in July.  Elements of Iraqi Army’s 9th, 11th, and 17th Divisions have been previously reported relocating outside of the city of Baghdad into Taji and Babil/Wasit provinces.  "Army will hand over several posts to the federal police in the coming stage."  "Army forces will take other posts outside cities and near to border regions."  This is the first step in the plan to turn over the cities to MoI by the end of summer however; this plan has been delayed repeatedly in the past.  There are indications of additional relocations pointing to Basrah as the next major city to turn over to the FP.


For the first time the Anbar Provincial Security Force has been called the "Anbar Police Rapid Reaction Division".  This probably means the Anbar Emergency Police Forces are being reorganized/retrained/re-equipped into the 5th Federal Police Division that was to form in 2011.


Any ideas how the 500 MTLBs are to be used? The APU/AC points to speciallist roles vice APC. I think a mix like the BTR4s and filling the Cav/Cdo role in the tracked forces while the BTR4s go to the motorized/Infantry Divs. Maybe a few extra Command/Ambulance varients to fill the gap in the 12-15 BMP1/T55/T72 bns...

DJ Elliott (06/25/2012 02:36:45)

DJ Elliott