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Iraqi Armor Update Correction July 2012

Armor July 2012

Iraqi Armor Upgrade Update July 2012


This is a correction.  The April 2012 PDF “Iraqi Army Upgrade Status chartlocated on the ISF OOB Page is still the most up-to-date listing of units upgrading based on open sources. 


The July 2012 ISF OOB monthly update reported on a Bulgarian sale of 500 refurbished MTLB “Armored Vehicles”.  These reports were published in European Press in late-May/early-June.  Requests for information were sent to the Iraqi/Bulgarian MoDs and Terem in early June – no responses were received.


On 2 July, the monthly update was published with speculation as to the intended use of these MTLBs.


On 5 July, a denial of any new Bulgarian/Polish arms deals by the Government of Iraq was published in Al Sumerian News but, no correction or report of denials have been found in any English Language news source to date.


Of note, the denial inferred that a Russian deal was in negotiation -  No details provided. 



DJ Elliott