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Iraqi Security Force Update September 2012


Brigade OOB as of 31 August 2012 


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during August 2012.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 31 August 2012.


Highlights in this update include:   

  • IA/KRG confrontation remains political only. 
  • New Operational Command?; 2 new IA Divisions?; 1-16/4 Paratroop Battalion?; Divisions relocating from Baghdad?; Highlights from Khaima Magazine. 
  • No contract with the Russians.




"Peshmerga and Iraqi Army agree to withdraw all the forces from Zummar in Mosul."  

The confrontation between the Iraqi Army and the Kurdish Regional Guards in the disputed zone has not lead to any actual fighting and has been more of a political propaganda dispute than anything.




"Security within South Central and South East regions will be boosted by the formation of the Rafidain Operations Command (RaOC) set for 20 August. Much like the Tigris and Mid-Euphrates Operations Commands, the RaOC will be another multi-operations command with responsibility for security in the provinces of Dhi Qar, Maysan, Muthanna and Wasit." 

This is single source unconfirmed reporting.  While it makes sense and fits with the pattern of consolidating the number of Operational Commands, there have been no reports of activity and no official announcements like there were for the Tigris OC and the Furat Awsat OC.  If this command does form, then it is a strong indicator that at least 2 of the 3 indicated movements of IA Divisions to the south are to execute in the near future – why expand the number of corps-level commands unless you are going to have multiple divisions to command in those areas?  Those three movements are 11th Division to Wasit, 7th Division to Maysan, and 17th Division to Babil.


The Tigris Operational command is to get 2 new IA Divisions for Kirkuk/Diyala.  These Divisions are to work with 5th and 12th Divisions.  Unless this is a mistake and they are FP, this sounds like the "mountainous force" mentioned in spring - 15th and 16th Mountain Divisions.  The cadre was probably from Baghdad which would explain the reports of elements of 17th IA Division in Kirkuk.  However, the mistranslation of 5th and 12th Divisions as “battalions” raises the question as to how large a force – are they divisions or something smaller?


Also, there was no mention of 4th Division in TOC which could mean they are being moved from TOC – possibly to New Al Muthanna AB [Baghdad] if the report of Paratroops in the 16/4 Brigade is correct.  Airborne is a strategic reserve asset and should be located with the IqAF transport base.


The “Commander of the Army's 22nd Regiment, the 6th Division, and three of his soldiers killed and four other soldiers wounded in an armed clash on Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 28, with gunmen south of Tikrit.  Military source told NINA that gunmen attacked a military checkpoint in Niba'e area, 50 km north of Baghdad, and that the clashes lasted for some time resulted in the killing of the regiment commander, who is at the rank of colonel, and three of his soldiers, as well as wounding four other soldiers." 

The 22/6 Brigade was in 4th Division’s area.  It is possible the 6th Division is relocating north from Baghdad.  If that is the case, at least 6 IA Divisions are showing signs of relocation.


Some of the highlights from IMoD’s Khaima magazine included: 

  • The IA brought renovated 120 vehicles and 72 anti-aircraft guns.
  • Armor Directorate celebrated the graduation of the second group from the advanced gunnery course "master gunner" modeled on the US-army "master-gunner" course. The course was undertaken on the M1A1SA tanks and 34 graduated the 6 month course. 
  • 6-37/9 Tank Regiment is still operating T72s.  [6-37/9 is 1 of 3 M1A1 trained but not equipped battalions in the IA.  Also, with the confirmation of T72s remaining in 37/9 Brigade, the only remaining unidentified IA brigade with tanks is the T72 Regiment in 10th Division.] 
  • The 35/9 Brigade overhauled and brought back into service the R123 communications equipment for the MTLB, as well as rebuilding the auto loading system for the T72 tanks to improve their operation and reliability.   [It is odd that 35/9 was working on MTLB equip – 34/9 had the MTLBs. Preparing them for transfer to another unit?  The denied Bulgarian deal for 500 MTLBs may still be on.]




While IMoD was in Russia shopping for Air Defense equipment – no contracts announced and the hype from the Russian side has dried up, which indicates no Russian deal.   

DJ Elliott