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Iraqi Security Force Update December 2012


Divisional OOB as of 30 November 2012


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during November 2012.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 30 November 2012.  A Passing Advantage – The Kurdish/Iraq Confrontation” was published separately and will not be addressed here. 


Highlights in this update include:  

  • KRG forming 2 Joint Corps; KRG ATGW claim.
  • RaOC assumes control of Wasit; Russian deal cancelled and to be renegotiated; Additional T72s to be acquired; first M113s for 8th Division; 17th Division to be re-equipped in 2013.
  • New Aviation Brigade formed?; ADC completes refurbishment of AAA.
  • MoI ERB in Anbar.




The Kurdish Regional Government appears to be using the excuse of reacting to the Tigris Operational Command [Joint Corps] to form 2 Joint Operational Commands of their own.  The southern OC may or may not be named the Hamrin Operational Command.   Given the planned size of the reorganizing Kurdish Regional Guards and the Kurdish paramilitary Task Force Police, this was probably planned all along.


Kurdish sources claim to have more ATGWs than the Government of Iraq is aware of.  While this is unconfirmed and probably exaggerated, the KRG probably does have more capability than the IA in this category since the IA’s only ground ATGW capability is the Barrier ATGWs purchased with the BTR4s which started delivering 1 year ago. 




Wasit Province has officially been added to the new forming Rafidain Operational Command.  This is the first confirmation of RaOC assuming an operational command of an area.


The Russian arms deal has been cancelled.  Reporting has gone back and forth on this cancellation.  What finally came out is that Iraq intends to renegotiate the deal for a better price and has changed the planned mix of equipment to be bought.


IMoD’s weekly magazine Khaima [21 November] included the following items:

  • A training course for T72 tank drivers was opened for the 1-35/9 Battalion.  All known T72s currently in the IA are accounted for in existing units not including the 1-35/9.  This indicates additional T72s are to be acquired.
  • 8th Mechanized Division received its first batch of M113 APCs.
  • 17th Division’s commander was interviewed. He stated that 2012 to be the year of training and 2013 will be the year of equipping the forces of the 17th Division.  No details provided as to what equipment was to be provided. 




Army Aviation Brigade 32 was reported operating in support of FaOC.  If this is not an error in reporting a new squadron, then this is the first AAC Brigade to be reported.


Khaima [21 November] also reported the Air Defense Command completing the refurbishment of 23mm and 57mm Anti-Aircraft Artillery.  No numbers provided.


Ministry of Interior


"A force of the Rapid Intervention Regiment has found in Anbar today 7, Nov a cache of weapons and explosive devices east of Fallujah."  This is the first report of a MoI Emergency Response Brigade or Battalion in Anbar vice provincial SWAT battalions. 


"Renegotiating" huh? Too much baksheesh or not enough... you be the judge./// All kidding aside, that may actually be a blessing in disguise. 2 quick questions though DJ, 1) any thought as to where they are going to get "new" T-72s and 2) any idea as to what kind of 57mm AAA they have refurbed?

Trophy_Wench (12/01/2012 08:46:12)


TW: lol. I had the same first thought. "Your experiences in the region have jaded you on this subject" then came to mind. What a proffesor wrote on a paper I wrote concerning the differences between the writings of the Koran and the actual practices of "Islamic" countries. Depending on what the new deal is - maybe/maybe not. //// 1) 1,300 T72s in storage in the Ukraine. About 700 the Poles want to replace. Combined with the Czech deal to establish a rework/upgrade facility - this means the majority of the IA Tanks will probably be T72M4CZ eventually. I lean towards the Ukraine as the likely source. //// 2) S-60 57mm AAA is what has been in the videos/photos so far.

DJ Elliott (12/02/2012 04:08:47)


Poland and Ukraine eh? Well that would make sense since they both tried to sell them tanks and tank upgrades at one point or another. Though I must say I'm surprised that there are still that many hanging around in Eastern Europe... /// Thanks for the ID on the 57mm btw. Which actually bring me to a follow up question, any speculation as to whether or not they will upgrade their low level air defense and AAA batts any time soon, if ever? And if so with what, or is this one item just a case of 'if it anit' broke, don't fix it'? I would assume if anything, that Pantsir would pretty much be it no?

Trophy_Wench (12/03/2012 12:05:26)


We did apparently provide Avenger [Stinger] and I-Hawk in unk numbers. And there has been talk of 20mm AAA from the US. //// The 1,302 T72s in Ukraine have been setting in storage looking for a buyer every since the USSR broke-up. Poland is still trying to sell their T72s and PT91s so they can afford to replace them with Leopards. Problem in both cases is there is a glut on the used tank market and T72s do not have a good rep...

DJ Elliott (12/03/2012 02:09:45)


2 OSVs and 3 C130Js delivered. Finally getting a read on where the BTR4s are going - they have changed to equipping regular mech bns...

DJ Elliott (12/20/2012 11:31:47)


hi DJ. it seems many iraq related dsca/fms/eda notices are not being published anymore online. I think the recent 6 EDA M1A1 tanks should be the first of a larger batch... but its impossible to verify. I'd have thought they'd at least finish equipping the the 9th div with them... also nothing relating to the recent F16 purchases, and requests for Ah64E apaches etc... have come through the DSCA/FMS publications. Finally for example we have details on 24 M109A5 EDA tanks from 2010-2011 online, but the US actually declared delivering 36 M109A5s to Iraq to the UN Arms Register...

sheytanelkebir (12/25/2012 12:54:16)


I've noticed. We provided more than just ribbon bridges and OH58 parts in FY11 EDA yet those are all that are listed on the EDA Bulletin Board. Apparently these donations have been classified...

DJ Elliott (12/28/2012 03:32:38)

DJ Elliott