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Iraqi Security Force Update January 2013


 Divisional OOB as of 31 December 2012


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during December 2012.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 31 December 2012.  Highlights in this update include:  

  • 5th Mechanized Division receiving BTR4s. 
  • 3 C130Js received; Press conference with IMoD provides some details on Russian Deal; Iraqi Air Defense Command. 
  • 2 OSVs delivered to Basrah. 




The 12 December edition of Khaima magazine reported on the 5th Mechanized Division.  This was the first time the 5th was called Mechanized.  The 18/5 Mechanized Brigade is to receive its BTR4s soon.  1-18/5 Mechanized Battalion has completed training on BTR4s and the 2-18/5 Mechanized Battalion is now undergoing BTR4 training.  The division is converting to 1 armored brigade [20/5] and 3 mechanized brigades [18/5, 19/5, and 21/5].  The 20/5 Brigade has 1 armored battalion currently in training.  The source of the 175 tanks needed to equip the 5th Mechanized Division has not been identified.  [35 tanks per battalion/5 battalions.] The 5th Mechanized Division was trained on M113s but is apparently being equipped BTR4s instead.




Iraq accepted 3 C130Js in Baghdad on 17 December.  The remaining 3 C130Js on order are to be delivered during 2013.


The 12 December edition of Khaima magazine reported on the Defense Minister meeting with journalists to discuss the Russian Deal:

  • ADC has been contracted by the army to fit 23mm and 14.5mm cannons to 4x4 vehicles for convoy protection duties. 
  • The Russian deal included two types of aircraft, neither of which the Russians had exported before. One of these is the Mi28NE. 
  • The air defense system also has not been exported by Russia and is used only by the Russian military. 
  • 4 different systems that Iraq proposed to the Russians and the Russians have yet to approve their sale to Iraq until a country-country agreement is made due to strategic nature of these weapons.
  • Iraq was supposed to receive the weapons from Russia from 14th June 2013 but now the deliveries have been delayed due to the political outburst and the new purchasing committee.  


The 26 December edition of Khaima magazine reported on the receipt of 3x C130J medium lift cargo aircraft and the Air Defense Command [ADC].   The ADC was activated on 8 December 2011 consisting of 16 officers and 24 enlisted personnel and one civilian.  In this one year ADC has setup early warning radars, early warning spotters, some air defense artillery batteries, early warning center in the south, and the Central Air Defense Command in Baghdad.  In addition there have been two campaigns to salvage old equipment from the previous army.  The 2013 budget has allocated a very large amount of capital for re equipping the ADC.  The early warning system now covers 90 percent of Iraq's air space.  Iraq is buying air defense missile systems and will not rely on a single source of supply for them.  Only Kirkuk, Taji, Tallil, & Basrah SOCs/ASOC are displayed in the photos accompanying the article.




On 20 December, 2 Offshore Support Vessels [OSV] were delivered.   The 26 December edition of Khaima magazine included a full page article on these new OSVs.  The OSV crews were trained in the US for 3 months.  The OSVs will support patrol boats in their tasks as well as having a secondary diver launch capability.   



Another recent news item is the negotiations between Iraq and a "third" country regarding purchases of fighter aircraft that are in an advanced stage of negotiations... it is expected that maybe this month or next there will be an announcement regarding this "fighter" deal...

sheytanelkebir (01/03/2013 06:16:08)


Let us now throw open the doors to wild speculation. $5 on France!

Trophy_Wench (01/03/2013 10:00:37)


Korean FA-50 is my bet...

DJ Elliott (01/03/2013 11:19:51)


Well, if they are going to buy a fighter from this unidentified country, then they are not going to buy that type from Russia. the good thing about fighters, we have a closed market, not everyone can bring an old tank and refurb it and thats it, I don't think Gripen, Typhoon or Rafale (Politics aren't that good these days with those guys, but if they wanna just give-away for money .. ??), Korean F/A-50 is very likely (with kinda of license to build/assemble our own, that would be the best deal) , there's the chinese, but I think they'd have made a big bla bla bla about it, Japanese F-2 ?? it would be good to go with B52, but it is damn costy ! And I don't think Japan would do it, I bet with DJ :D

Almaleki (01/04/2013 01:17:54)


F-2 is a no go. They closed the production a couple of years ago (although I have never heard that Mitsubishi is lacking in the capability to restart production but I digress.) and it is also ~$130 million a copy. For what is basically a bigger F-16. For that money you're better off buying Rafale at ~$90-100 million a copy and getting a much more modern and ostensibly more effective aircraft. Better yet, you could get yourself about 4 Mirage 2000's for the price of 1 F-2 (or 3 for the price of 1 Rafale.) And still field a comparatively modern force. Much in the style of the UAEAF for example.

Trophy_Wench (01/04/2013 03:18:43)


I never even considered the Japanese as an option - not given their politics. One other possibilitiy is obvious: L159 might be being called a fighter. 2 sources and 2 countries...

DJ Elliott (01/05/2013 12:27:44)


But they said : 1- they are negotiating with more than one country (Europe, USA, Russia, Korea, Japan and China are the only countries that have fighter aircraft industry) 2- they are "still negotiation" the deal, which means it is probably not Czech, only if they are negotiating the second batch (or the 1b deal was only for small arms and tanks ? maybe thats were tanks came from ?)

Almaleki (01/06/2013 09:22:06)


No parade this year ??

Almaleki (01/06/2013 09:25:16)


Problem is that the reporting could be out of date circular reporting from before the Czech deal was signed. Reporting on ISF is full of this. /// You are in country, is there a parade this year or are they all deployed to Tuz?

DJ Elliott (01/06/2013 05:26:31)


I really hope they are in Tuz not somewhere else :D

Almaleki (01/06/2013 05:35:07)


Looks like France is in the running - rumors of negotiations for Rafale...

DJ Elliott (01/10/2013 07:18:59)


DJ, from recent developments it seems the Iraqis are hoping that EDA from the US will plug most of their army heavy equipment needs (tanks APCs artillery). it would be topical if you could write an article about what EDA articles will be available in future and which countries are looking at obtaining them... it would be a clue as to the future ability of the iraqis to fully equip their divisions with the needed equipment as well as upgrade more divisions to "mech" status.

sheytanelkebir (01/27/2013 05:42:07)


Problem is that there is no clear data. Until Congress passes a real budget that clairifies how much the US Army is being reduced and the EDA BB updates - there is no basis for an article. In theory, there are enough M113 FOVs and M1 tanks being cut to fully equip most of the planned 11 IA heavy divs. In reality, Iraq is not the only country receiving EDA and Congress has a say - eventually...

DJ Elliott (01/27/2013 02:28:59)

DJ Elliott