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Fair Use

Fair Use is not carte blanch to steal others work.  You have to have permission to do more than quote bits of a copyrighted work.  Giving credit to the author does not let you off the hook.  Especially when you are selling that work.


Effective immediately, the Battalion-level ISF OOB is no longer available to the public.  I have not seen a Battalion-level ISF OOB that was not a copy of my work in 5 years.  Yet there are only 6 organizations that have asked permission to use/copy my work:

  • US Department of Defense
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • The Long War Journal [previously The Fourth Rail]
  • Olive Group
  • Scramble Magazine
  • Defense Industry Daily


The rest are pirates.


If you are going to argue against this, be forewarned that I'm PO'd - so your ducks better be in a row.

I will entertain requests for current copies of the ISF OOB from reputable organizations.

I will continue to publish monthly updates of changes or significant events as well as service specific updates.


I'm done feeding pirates.  The irritation is not worth the 80-120 hours I've been spending per month sorting through the chaff, propaganda, and pure BS...


PS If you have seen an ISF OOB that is not a copy of my work - drop me the link. I'm curious as to how others see them...

DJ Elliott (10/14/2013 06:38:18)

DJ Elliott