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Iraqi Security Force Update November 2013


 Divisional OOB as of 31 October 2013 


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during October 2013.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 31 October 2013, however it remains by request only due to copyright infringement.  Requests are by e-mail.  Changes reported include:  

  • Training underutilized due to operational commitments; Under strength Artillery Brigades have been established in all IA Divisions; Division Intelligence expanding to Battalion; HET Transport Battalion reported in 9th Armor Division for first time.
  • Southern SOC Exercise; Unconfirmed reports of initial Russian Mi-35 deliveries in October.
  • Ten 7 meter RHIBs produced for Iraq.
  • New Mech Brigade in 4th Federal Police Division?


Iraqi Army


The 2 October Khaima includes an article on training.  Only half the training availability has been used this year due to operational commitments which indicates the Iraqi army is overextended and need to add 2-3 divisions to fulfill its commitments.  Key items mentioned in that article were:

  • The biggest complaint received is that not the correct personnel were sent on training programs in the past. We aim to change this by sending the soldiers for the specialist training programs.
  • We are supposed to train 79 battalions, but in reality only 36 battalions were freed from operations to be trained. Also 80 companies were trained, spread across 9 locations.
  •  With the current locations and capacity we can train the entire Iraqi army in 4 years. [If utilized.]


The 9 October Khaima confirmed that all of the Iraqi Divisions now have an Artillery Command [Field Artillery Brigade].  However, these brigades only have 2 of the planned 4 Artillery Battalions per Division.  The Artillery Command HQ also has an Artillery Brigade with 3 Artillery Battalions that acts as a strategic reserve to strengthen units on a need basis.  This Brigade has 2 roles – it is the Artillery Training Brigade and is the first of 8-12 planned Army-/Corps-level Artillery Brigades.


The 9 October Khaima also mentioned 12th Division’s Intelligence Battalion.  Only 3 IA Divisions have been identified as having expanded their divisional Intelligence to Battalions.


The 23 October  Khaima reported that 9th Armor Division’s Transport and Logistics Command has established a Heavy Transport Battalion.  They have specialist repair teams with the units in the field to ensure that all vehicles are able to complete their transport duties. It consists of 4 transport companies and the HQ in Taji. Every company has 11 heavy tank transporters.


Iraqi Aviation


The 30 October Khaima reported on the Southern Sector Operations Center Air Defense Command exercise in October.  Participants included the ADC commander, Chief of Central Operations of the ADC, Commander of Ali Air Base [Tallil], Commander of the Ali Flying Wing, and a number of pilots from 70th Squadron.  Aircraft made approaches from multiple directions and altitudes to test the radar systems. Also tested were the communications systems of the ground controls. 70th Squadron also launched Hornet 71 targets in the direction west of Samawa.  Targets were detected at altitudes from 100m-350m.


While there have been conflicting reports of initial deliveries of Russian helicopters in October, as of 31 October, no new helicopters have arrived in Iraq.  [This may indicate the initial 4 Mi-35s have completed construction in Russia but have not been transported to Iraq during October.  Delivery has different meanings depending on who is talking.  The manufacturer considers delivery to be when they are built and locally accepted.  The receiving country defines delivery as when they are accepted in their own country.]


Iraqi Navy 


The Iraqi Navy is accepting delivery of ten 7-meter aluminum RIBs. They will be serving as patrol boats and as tenders for larger vessels.  [See above paragraph comment on delivery.]


Ministry of Interior


A Mech Brigade has been reported as assigned to 4th Federal Police Division.  This could mean the 1st FP Mech Brigade has been attached to 4th FP Division or that a new FP Mech Brigade has been formed in 4th FP Division.  Each FP Division is expected to have a light Mech Brigade eventually but only 1 has been confirmed existing in the Federal Police at this time.


Nice to have you back. Good to know that you didn’t throw in the towel completely with the blog. Looking forward to read your updates

Carr (11/12/2013 10:05:03)


I never left. As the Fair Use article said: "I will continue to publish monthly updates of changes or significant events as well as service specific updates." But the OOB itself is by request only...

DJ Elliott (11/13/2013 09:46:23)


I know, I read it and I completely understand your position. I just had the nonsense feeling you might not continue. Again, thanks for your hard work

Carr (11/14/2013 07:19:52)

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