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Iraqi Security Force Update December 2013



Divisional OOB as of 30 November 2013


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during November 2013.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 30 November 2013; however it remains by request only due to copyright infringement.  Requests are by e-mail.


Iraqi Army


The 6 November Khaima provided some additional data and locations on Iraqi Depots:

In 2003, all our facilities were destroyed. 35 ammunition complexes were completely destroyed and from the remaining 10 ammunition complexes 25% was destroyed. When the new army was re-established, Baiji Depot was re-established as the primary depot as well as depots in Kasik, Taji, Habaniya, Kirkush, Nu’mania, Ur with the help of the US forces. These consisted of basic containers or disused aircraft shelters. These did not meet the standards for the safe storage of munitions and have driven us to establish proper facilities for munitions storage which are no less than 5km away from the main bases. In addition, we have begun to implement proper procedures for accounting, maintaining and distributing munitions. We begun in 2007, planning the reconstruction of the munitions depot system by visiting the old depots. IN 2008 we took possession of Baiji depot, and after discussing with the coalition forces they returned some bullets and 23mm ammunition that was stored there. We also then took possession of Najaf depot and the munitions stored there. We started off training our officers and staff in 2009, 50 officers and 50 enlisted men at a time. And soon we had enough staff to reopen 4 more depots including Adhaim, Basra, Habaniya, Mosul. In taji we had a show of the munitions for the light weapons including the eastern and western rifles and Pakistani rifles.


The 13 November Khaima indicated that there is a possible Romanian arms buy in negotiations: 

The General of the Chief of Staff welcomes a visit by the Romanian Military Attaché. Ibrahim Mohammed welcomed Colonel Florin Disbo. They discussed the signing of the upcoming military cooperation agreement between the two countries which includes training and arming.


There continue to be indications of a new IA Division forming in Baghdad.  There are also indications that 6th Division is to be converted to an armor or mechanized division vice converting 2nd Motorized Division.


Iraqi Aviation


There were reports that an Apache buy had been approved and that 4 Mi-35s had been received early in November.  The 13 Novomber Khaima indicated that there are budget problems with buying Apaches and that the Mi-35s were arriving later in November: 

The Apache helicopters need a massive budget that the MODs current budget can’t support. The pentagon and state department had agreed to the sale some months ago. At the same time new helicopters will arrive at the end of this month from Russia with an attacking power equivalent to the apache. The munitions for the Russian helicopters have been bought and will be supplied for 4 years, and have arrived already. 

IMoD officially announced receipt of the Mi-35s on 2 December.


Ministry of Interior


The 5-6/II Commando Battalion was reported operating near Qaim in November.  This is the first report of a 5th Battalion in 6/II Brigade [presumably a 4th Battalion as well.]  This also points to an emphasis on the Qaim area as the 6/II Brigade’s HQ is at Sinjar [Ninawa].  



DJ, looks like the Iraqis went with the FA-50 for their trainer/light-attack fighter.

James (12/12/2013 08:52:24)


A most excellent turn of events. (At least in the context of Iraq's defense spending.)

Trophy_Wench (12/12/2013 09:54:14)


I noticed that. Still some confusion in reporting as to characteristics of the T50IQ but, first Delivery is Apr2016 with delivery complete by Apr2017.

DJ Elliott (12/13/2013 07:15:03) Here is a video of the 4 Mi-35s (complete with epic music) if you're interested. It looks like they're doing T&E?

SD (12/13/2013 11:51:48)


Yup. Actual acceptance was this month - after test and evaluation.

DJ Elliott (12/14/2013 11:37:11)


Mi-35 claimed to already be in use in Anbar - still son't have a Sq number for them...

DJ Elliott (12/23/2013 02:40:57)


DJ what do you think of this?

SD (12/28/2013 05:14:26)


What of it?

DJ Elliott (12/29/2013 06:38:35)


Thought it might be the Mi35 operating in Anbar that you mentioned above, but now I'm not so sure.

SD (12/31/2013 04:48:19)


Footage is from US origin sensers. Data across top is the giveaway. Probably RPV or King Air 350. No helo imaged so no clear idea who was doing the strike...

DJ Elliott (01/03/2014 12:03:58)

DJ Elliott