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Iraqi Security Force Update March 2014


Divisional OOB as of 28 February 2014  


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during February 2014.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 28 February 2014. 

  • IA:  Sulaymaniyah IA Military Academy training KRG; Anbar deployments; More tanks delivered to IA?;  Oil Protection Division. 
  • Aviation:  Iraq buying 24 Super Mushshak trainers and 24 AT-6Bs; Contract awarded for renovations at Balad to support F16s; More weapons from ROK?
  • ISF OOB Reorganizing next month.


Iraqi Army


The Iraqi Army shut down all but one of its Military Academies during 2009 due to the budget crunch.  Sometime later they reopened all four.  According to the 12 February Khaima, the Third Military College was established in 2005 and has run Army courses, Sons of Iraq courses and now Peshmerga courses. It is interesting that the IA is now claiming both of the Military Academies located in the KRG and that they are supporting training the Peshmerga.


A rough count of elements augmenting Anbar indicates at least the equivalent of 2 IA Division drawn from 8th Mech, 9th Armor, 10th Mech, and 14th Divisions have been temporarily deployed there.  The 9th Armor Division HQ is also reported in Anbar.  Rumors in late 2013 were that 8th Mech Division HQ was to deploy to Anbar but, now the rumor is that 14th Division HQ may deploy there.  It would make sense to deploy an additional HQ to Anbar for the duration of this augmentation to provide additional command and control.  This is officially a temporary deployment with support and ADCON from home bases with local improvisation – which is not working well.  Also, the Office of the Commander in Chief has reportedly stated that formation of Corps is on hold until after the political crisis and that Operational Commands would be it until then. 


The 19 Feb Khaima reported an interview with the Commander 18/5 Mech Brigade. The 4-18/5 Tank Regiment was reported to have received advanced tanks and armored fighting vehicles.  There have been no reports of additional tank deliveries to Iraq and all of 5th Mech Division’s tank training has been on T72s.  What advanced tanks and from where?


The 26 February Khaima had an article on the newly commissioned IA Oil Protection Division.  Of note, only 1 battalion and 1 Brigade of this division has been reported active.  In that article the OPD Commander Kemal Saadi Hamed stated: 

  • The oil protection division protects the Iraqi Turkish oil pipeline.
  • The unit was recently established on orders of the Commander in Chief.
  • It is part of the IGFC.
  • Initially the division HQ was in the old MOD building in Baghdad, but has now moved to the operational area.
  • Initially the 1-1/OPD Battalion secured pipeline 46 towards Turkey, whilst the rest of the units were built up in terms of training and equipping. Now the units of the division secure the pipeline from Baiji to Fishkhabour.
  • The unit has been attacked many times but maintains its cohesion.


Iraqi Aviation


Iraq is apparently buying 24 Pakistani Super Mushshak trainer aircraft.  Iraq is also getting training from Pakistan.  Additionally there is an unconfirmed report that Iraq is ordering 24 AT-6B.   Of note, the AT-6Bs are reported as going to the Army Air Command vice the IqAF.  This could mean the Super Mushshaks are to replace the T-6A trainers in the IqAF with the T-6As transferring to the AAC’s planned 95th Training Squadron [fixed-wing].


A contract has been awarded for renovation and reconstruction of key facilities at Balad Air Base in support of the upcoming arrival of F-16 aircraft in September 2014. Work will be performed at Balad Air Base and is expected to be completed by June 2015.


The 12 February Khaima indicated that more South Korean buys may be forthcoming.  Armed Forces Chief of Staff welcomes the Korean Defense Attaché. They discussed the training of pilots and technicians for the T50 contract that was signed as well to visit Korea and observe the other new weapons that the Korean Forces use that may be beneficial to Iraq.


Admin Note


I'm reorganizing the ISF OOB next month as follows:

  • Page 1: Non-Operational Command subordinates and Higher Commands of the MoD/MoI
  • 2: Support and Training Commands of the MoD/MoI
  • 3: Services Separate from Operational Commands [ISOF, AAC, ADC, IqAF, IqN, IqM]
  • 4: Baghdad Operational Command
  • 5: Jaziria Operational Command
  • 6: Ninawa Operational Command
  • 7: Anbar Operational Command
  • 8: Tigris Operational Command
  • 9: Samarra Operational Command
  • 10: Rafadain Operational Command
  • 11: Maysan Operational Command
  • 12: Furat Awsat Operational Command
  • 13: Basrah Operational Command
  • 14: Kurdish Regional Guards
  • Appendixes remain same as before.


I will probably double list some elements-primary listing with Home OC in grey and secondary listing with deployed OC in black.  Opinions and suggestions solicited -

DJ Elliott