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Iraqi Security Force Update April 2014


 Operational Commands as of 31 March 2014 


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during March 2014.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 31 March 2014. 

  • Army:  New IA Battalions reported; IA training KRG.
  • Aviation:  12 L159 may be bought; First F16s arrive in July.
  • Interior:  3/1 FP Brigade replaces Presidentials.


Iraqi Army


The 5 March Khaima reported on an inspection of ongoing training of the 1st Independent Technical Equipment Regiment and the 115th Technical Equipment Regiment.  No description of their function was provided but the name infers either Signals Intelligence or Communications Repair.  The number 115th also fits for a 15th Division subordinate, yet despite all the indications of 2-3 new IA Divisions forming – a 15th Division commissioning has not been reported.


The 5 March Khaima also reported on IMOD’s Inspector General visiting the 3rd Military College at Sulaimaniyah. This school is training Regional Guards units in Infantry and Artillery Gunnery.


Iraqi Aviation


Iraq is negotiating about the purchase of 12 redundant Czech L-159 combat aircraft for light ground attack.


According to 26 March Khaima the first batch of F16s will be ready in June and arrive in July.The Korean fighter jets [T50] will be in Iraq in less than 2 years.  For training we have our fleet of training aircraft as well as the upcoming Pakistani trainer aircraft. We are also looking at other manufacturers for aircraft that fill our needs. There is another contract for other aircraft from a world class manufacturer for us. We are preparing a new airbase for the air academy.  The maintenance and overhaul centre for the F16 is being built.


Iraqi Ministry of Interior


BOC has announced the replacement of the 1st and 2nd Presidential Brigades with the 3/1 Federal Police Brigade.  This transfers the last IA personal security for the Iraqi Government [President, PM, CoM, CoR] to the Federal Police.


Admin Note


The ISF OOB is reorganized as follows:

  • Page 1: Non-Operational Command subordinates and Higher Commands of the MoD/MoI
  • 2: Support and Training Commands of the MoD/MoI
  • 3: Services Separate from Operational Commands [ISOF, AAC, ADC, IqAF, IqN, IqM]
  • 4: Baghdad Operational Command
  • 5: Jaziria Operational Command
  • 6: Ninawa Operational Command
  • 7: Anbar Operational Command
  • 8: Tigris Operational Command
  • 9: Samarra Operational Command
  • 10: Rafadain Operational Command
  • 11: Maysan Operational Command
  • 12: Furat Awsat Operational Command
  • 13: Basrah Operational Command
  • 14: Kurdish Regional Guards
  • Appendixes remain same as before.

Some units are double listed with Home OC in grey and secondary listing with deployed OC in black.  Opinions and suggestions solicited -

DJ Elliott