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Iraqi Security Force Update May 2014


Operational Commands as of 30 April 2014 


This Iraqi Security Force (ISF) update provides a summary of changes to the ISF during April 2014.  The Iraqi Security Force Order of Battle is updated as of 30 April 2014. 

  • T90 Tanks for IA. 
  • 12 L159 for Iraq; Russian helicopter deliveries in June.


Iraqi Army


The 16 April Khaima reported T90 training for the 3-34/9 Tank Regiment.  Apparently Iraq has contracted with Russia for an unknown number/variant of T90 tanks.  One tank regiment is 35 tanks but it is likely that more are being ordered.   The T90 program started life as T72Bu [T72 Upgrade] and 5 tank regiments of the 5th Mechanized Division are training on T72s.  There have been no reports of other T72 type buys and no deliveries yet.  Previous reporting indicated that BTR-82s are to replace BTR4s in 5th Mechanized Division and now the reporting indicated that the BTR4s delivered prior to the cancellation of that order will be used with the T90s in 9th Armored Division or a new Armored Division as well as the 5th Mechanized Division.  This indicates 210-420 T90 tanks are on order depending on 1 or 2 heavy divisions to be equipped.  Reporting on the Russian arms contracts continues to be contradictory and unconfirmed.


Iraqi Aviation


Negotiations for 12 used L159 Light Attack aircraft were reported.  This is not to be confused with the previously reported 2-seat Trainer version that lost the competition with Korea’s T50 Jet Trainer.  Their purpose is different.   Iraq is looking for quick delivery to provide air support this year.  "The mothballed L-159s should be delivered to Iraq by September 2014 at a cost of 200 million U.S. dollars, said Martin Danko, spokesman for Penta Investments."


Reportedly Iraq will receive 4 MI-35 and 3 MI-28 helicopters in June.  Also mentioned was that 43 helicopters shall be handed to Iraq by the year 2016.  Reporting on the Russian arms contracts continues to be contradictory and unconfirmed.


Thanks for the effort that u r putting with all of those informative updates DJ.

Samer (05/07/2014 08:20:59)


Agreed. Thanks DJ. The focus in the media has shifted pretty far from Iraq but its still good to get up dates here!

James (05/09/2014 08:45:43)


Wait wait...T-90? That's Russia's newest model, right? Did I miss something here? Is there a delivery date estimate on this? I remember reading that Iraq has been trying to dual-source its armaments, but my concern is that with two MBTs (M-1 and T-90) the logistical component is going to be more difficult, on top of all the other problems that the IA has to deal with.

Alex (06/04/2014 12:09:09)


Depends on which varient of the T72Bu [T90] that they get. No varient, no dates, no numbers reported. The entire concept of multisourcing major weapons is to prevent any single country from cripling your military by cutting you off. 2 Major tank types is no big deal - most countries have more varients than that...

DJ Elliott (06/04/2014 01:05:06)



DJ Elliott (06/04/2014 01:07:58)

DJ Elliott