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DJ Elliott joined the USN's delayed entry program in December 1980 while still in High School.  Entered active duty after graduating High School in 1981:

  • Jun-Dec 81: Boot camp at NTC Great Lakes Illinois and "A" School at the Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Command Lowry AFB Denver Colorado.
  • Jan 82-Jul 85: VF-213 "Blacklions".  Based at NAS Miramar San Diego California.  Two Western Pacific/Indian Ocean deployments embarked USS Enterprise (CVN65).
  • Aug 85-Aug 87: Navy Liaison Unit Munich Germany.  (Guarding the beer from the army.)
  • Sep 87-Sep 88: Commander Mid-East Force/Commander Joint Task Force Mid-East Staff.  Embarked on USS LaSalle (AGF3) and USS Coronado (AGF11).
  • Oct 88-Mar 92: US Defense Attaché Office Copenhagen Denmark.  With temporary duty to USDAO Riyadh Saudi Arabia (when some idiot decided he wanted a 19th province.) 
  • Apr 92-May 94: USS Independence (CV62) home-ported Yokosuka Japan.  Two Persian Gulf deployments. 
  • Jun 94-Jul 95: Combined Naval Intelligence Command Chinhae Korea.
  • Aug 95-Jan 98: Reserve Intelligence Program Office 2 at Moffett Field California.  Instructor Duty.  Last six months as acting OIC.  (After five consecutive overseas or overseas home-ported commands, they insisted on a return to CONUS.)
  • Feb 98-Dec 01: USS Yorktown (CG48), home-ported Pascagoula Mississippi.  Ship's Intel Officer.  Two Southern Command counter-narcotics deployments. 
  • Jan 02-May 03: Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center Fallon Nevada. 
  • Jun 03: Retired USN and settled in Westminster Colorado.  (Traditional Navy:  Drag the anchor far enough inland that someone asks you what is it?  Then bury it.)

While serving on the USS Independence, designed two war games for "Command" magazine ("Back to Iraq" and "The Fire Next Time").


While instructing reservists at RIPO 2, earned Associates and Bachelor of Arts degrees at night school from Columbia College.


From January 2007 to May 2009, was principle author of the Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle at "Fourth Rail" and "The Long War Journal".  Had been tracking ISF development since 2004 when the press started seriously contradicting themselves in the reporting.


I find that cigars (1) and beer (2) help me write.

  1. Roly Churchill.
  2. Newcastle (since the local bars don't have good beer.)


Note:  I do not publish photos of myself and I do not bother with Facebook - those are different DJ Elliotts...

DJ Elliott