Iraq Order of Battle


Iraqi Regional Joint Operations Commands as of 31 May 2014.


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An Order of Battle (OOB) is standard military terminology for the description of a military organization. It presents which units are known to exist, how they are organized, and what are their responsibilities.


The intent of this OOB is to present the military and paramilitary security forces that are under the official control of the Iraqi government. The OOB includes regular Army, Special Forces, Navy, Air Force, and Paramilitary Police.


The OOB does not include militias, insurgents forces or foreign forces that are not under the official control of Iraqi government.


This OOB is not classified. It is derived from open source data only. As such, it is only as accurate as the data that is published.


Locations listed for Iraqi units are color coded by month.  Units with location in black have not been reported in over a year.  Units without locations have never been located and may be still planned or forming.


Table of Contents, Iraqi Order of Battle:


Page 1: Iraqi National Operational Command (NOC)/Higher Command Staffs and Subordinates [PDF]


Page 2: Support and Training Commands  [PDF]


Page 3: Services (and Corps) Seperate from Operations Commands [PDF]


Page 4:  Baghdad Operations Command (BOC) [PDF]


Page 5:  Jazeera Operations Command (JOC) [PDF]


Page 6: Ninawa Operations Command (NiOC) [PDF]


Page 7: Anbar Operations Command (AOC) [PDF]


Page 8: Tigris Operations Command (TOC) [PDF]


Page 9: Samarra Operations Command (SOC) [PDF]


Page 10: Rafadain Operations Command (RaOC) [PDF]


Page 11:  Maysan Operations Command (MOC) [PDF]


Page 12:  Furat Awsat Operations Command (FaOC) [PDF]


Page 13:  Basrah Operations Command (BaOC) [PDF]


Page 14:  Kurdish Regional Guards (KRG) [PDF]


Appendix A: Definitions [PDF]


Appendix B: Standard Tables of Organization [PDF]


Appendix C: Equipment [PDF]


Appendix D: Related Articles and Monthly Updates [PDF]


Appendix E: 2007 Notes [PDF]


Appendix F: 2008 Notes [PDF]


Appendix G: 2009 Notes [PDF]


Appendix H: 2010 Notes [PDF]


Appendix I: 2011 Notes [PDF]


Appendix J: 2012 Notes [PDF]


Appendix K: 2013 Notes [PDF]


Appendix L:  2014 Notes [PDF]

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