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Boston Phoenix Media Log, 2002-'05: Archives here.

The wrong stuff: These should be the best of times for Democrats. So how will they blow it in 2006? Let us count the ways. (Boston Phoenix, 12/30/05.)

Outside Voices: Evening news needs to go later, go longer, go younger. (Public Eye, CBSNews.com, 10/21/05.)

The blogging revolution: Breakthrough, hype - or both? (Written for "Public/Private: Intersections in New Media," a panel discussion held on 10/13/05 at Northeastern University's Snell Library.)

Predictions are futile: The future of the media will be nothing like what we think. Just consider what we thought the future would look like 15 years ago. (Remarks at Ford Hall Forum, Northeastern University, 9/21/05.)

The Eighth Annual Muzzle Awards: The FBI leads our annual roundup of those who undermind free speech and personal liberties. (Boston Phoenix, 7/1/05)

Two cheers for Deep Throat: Mark Felt's service to his country helped fuel the rise of an irresponsible press. (Northeastern Voice, 6/21/05)

The trouble with being Hillary: Many of the folks who were gunning for her husband are now out to get her. What's a power player to do? (Boston Phoenix, 6/17/05)

The smoking gun? Kerry, Bush, and the Downing Street Memo. (Boston Phoenix, 6/10/05)

Up and down: Hiking New Hampshire's 4,000-foot peaks. (Boston Phoenix, 6/10/05)

Targeting NPR: Despite studies that show public radio's audience is diverse and its news coverage bias-free, the White House's hatchet man threatens our most vital source of broadcast news. (Boston Phoenix, 6/3/05)

Bay State of mind: John Kerry and Mitt Romney gear up for 2008. But is America sick of Massachusetts? (Boston Phoenix, 5/27/05)

Case closed: Newsweek's screw-up is a gift to right-wingers looking to blame the media for Bush's foreign-policy failures. (Boston Phoenix, 5/20/05)

The next great indecency threat: The religious right (and a few liberals) already have broadcasters on the run. Coming up: cable, satellite, and - just possibly - the Internet. (Boston Phoenix, 5/13/05)

Justice under fire: The religious right attempts a coup against the federal judiciary. Will it succeed - or prompt a backlash? (Boston Phoenix, 4/29/05)

A better Herald: How to reinvent the ailing tab in five not-so-easy steps. (Boston Phoenix, 4/22/05)

Listen up: While network news flounders toward the future, the present belongs to NPR. (Boston Phoenix, 4/15/05)

Seen but not heard: By standing in opposition to modernity, the pope made himself an irrelevant - if beloved - figure in the West. (Boston Phoenix, 4/8/05)

Media notes: A Pulitzer for not being blinded by science. (Boston Phoenix, 4/8/05)

An America fatwa: Media irresponsibility could place Michael Schiavo's life in danger for many years to come. (Boston Phoenix, 4/1/05)

Why Jacko's not boffo: The "Trial of the Century" is a long way from the O.J. extravaganza. Why? No live TV, too much weirdness, and - just possibly - a changed public attitude toward celebrity culture. (Boston Phoenix, 3/25/05)

Media notes: Truth, verification, and the blogging way of life. (Boston Phoenix, 3/18/05)

Lydon returns: A true original's long exile finally comes to an end - but not without complications or controversy. Plus, a mega-merger threatens newspaper advertising. (Boston Phoenix, 3/11/05)

He stoops to conquer: Is Jon Stewart too smart for his own good? Not as long as he keeps up the dick jokes. (Boston Phoenix, 3/4/05)

No sex, please: We're liberals! Thoughts on Jeff Gannon and the squeamish mainstream media. Also, is the Herald for sale? And a piss fight breaks out over who's a "self-hating" Jew. (Boston Phoenix, 2/25/05)

Under cover: How the White House's assault on the Freedom of Information Act enables torture, exposes media apathy, and hurts our ability to govern ourselves. (Boston Phoenix, 2/18/05)

Absence of malice: The Herald's coverage of Judge Ernest Murphy was flawed and inflammatory. But that doesn't mean he was libeled. (Boston Phoenix, 2/11/05)

Blogging Bush: From deep in the heart of Blue America, Inauguration Day lamentations in real time. (Boston Phoenix, 1/28/05)

Google eyes: The company that everyone loves knows more about you than you might realize. (Boston Phoenix, 1/21/05)

Getting the Metro lowdown: Internet proves a driving force in coverage of media executives' bad behavior. (Boston Phoenix, 1/21/05)

Scandal proof: The CBS report documents the latest in a long string of media misdeeds. You can bet it won't be the last. (Boston Phoenix, 1/14/05)

Cardiac kids: Internet speculation about Bush's and Cheney's health poses a media dilemma. Plus, Barnicle's Herald stint sours; what the sale of Slate means for online media; and Arthur Sulzberger changes his mind. (Boston Phoenix, 1/7/05)