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Mass. Media: Citizen journalism's pied piper. From Berkeley to Harvard, Dan Gillmor tries to bring the new media into being, without bringing down the old. (CommonWealth Magazine, Fall 2006.)

Cable nit: Jeff Cohen on the weird and disturbing world of CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. (The Phoenix, September 18, 2006.)

Mass. Media: Still on the air. Despite license and adviser troubles, a high school-based community radio station lives to broadcast another day. (CommonWealth Magazine, Summer 2006.)

Book Review: Letters to a Young Journalist, by Samuel G. Freedman. (Columbia Magazine, Summer 2006.)

The Ninth Annual Muzzle Awards: The annual New England roundup of those who undermined freedom of speech and civil liberties. (The Phoenix, June 30, 2006.)

Mass. Media: Going local. Paul La Camera wants formerly high-flying WBUR to put down civic roots. (CommonWealth Magazine, Spring 2006.)

The Connective Threads of the News Media and Government.
A review of Danny Schechter's book The Death of Media: And the Fight to Save Democracy. (Nieman Reports, Spring 2006.)

Little People, Big World: Will TLC's new reality show change our perception of dwarfs? (Slate, March 24, 2006.)

Mass. Media: Watertown's Net gain. H2otown is at the vanguard of citizen journalism. (CommonWealth Magazine, Winter 2006.)