Resume: Doug O'Leary

There are three versions of my resume here. The first, is a short, three page, word document that is to be sent to the various companies. The first page of the resume simply lists my hardware and software knowlege. The second and third page are my work history for the last few years. The individual sections of the work history have links to the appropriate sections of the web version.

The second version is an html resume that goes into greater detail. I've found that it is incredibly difficult to condense 14 years of work into two pages - so this is the list of where I've been and more detail on what I've been doing. The links from the shorter word version point to the appropriate section details of what I did, how I did it, and the effect of what I did.

The third version is a combination of the first two. Realize, however, that it is fairly lengthy - 7 pages at last count.

Please feel free to contact me at 630-904-6098 or by email if you'd like to discuss any potential opportunities.

Thanks for your time.

Doug O'Leary

Word version HTML version Combined (long) version