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Two Old Twins-Glass and Textile Designs displays a selection of our handmade stained glass and quilted articles, along with hand-made cards featuring knitted miniatures. Most are one-of-a-kind original designs by Diane or Donna. The following links will take you to three categories of these items from this homepage.


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DonnaDianeHeadshot The TwoOldTwins, who don't really consider themselves old, are Diane Callen, of Weimar, Texas (left) and Donna McClure, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (right).

Donna, the older by only five minutes, has developed her talents as a fiber artist over the past 30 years.

"I've never made two quilts alike," said Donna. "After learning basic quilting technique, I focused on creating my own versions of traditional designs such as log cabin and wedding rings." Some of her recent projects have taken their inspiration from stained glass windows and African motifs. The originality of still others stems from striking and unexpected combinations of colors.

Diane has never quilted. Knitting has been her initial obsession. Having learned the craft from her mother, she spent her teen years practicing basic knitting skills on worsted-weight items for herself and family.

"I was able to work out the typical early challenges of knitting while I was young enough to be satisfied with far-from-perfect garments," she said. "After college, my teaching career and marriage took my attention, but when I became pregnant in my 30s, my fascination for knitting returned full force."

While living in Houston, Diane focused on light-to-medium weight yarn projects, including baby items, pillow coverings and wall hangings, and many more sweaters for herself than the Texas weather warrants. Now retired to country life, she still enjoys teaching knitting, whether basic or advanced.

In recent years, Diane has trimmed back her hours devoted to knitting because she has become fascinated with the art of stained glass. After taking classes at a Houston studio, she turned from executing existing patterns to developing patterns on her own. To date, her subject matter has consisted entirely of geometrics and beautiful flowers.

Several years ago, Donna began making cards, a craft that permitted her to combine her interests in papers, fabric and photography. She conveyed her enthusiasm to Diane, luring her into sharing that enthusiasm by adding a knitted component to her cards. Together (while hundreds of miles apart), Donna and Diane have experimented with varying card designs. An early focus on rural scenes, combined with a miniature knitted sweater, morphed into a focus on pets, especially cats, still combined with the miniature sweaters.

"At an early crafts show, I found that knitters gravitated to my images of cats," said Diane. "In hindsight, this seemed logical, since so many people who love knitting also love cats!"

Around a wide selection of photo images the two had shot over the years of their own cats, Donna and Diane designed many cards. Donna included also the many cat photos she had taken on holiday trips to Ireland, Costa Rica and Greece, demonstrating that while every cat possesses a unique personality, cats are CATS worldwide.

The TwoOldTwins hope you'll enjoy browsing this site and will let their creativity inspire your own. Any questions or comments may be directed to us:
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