In Memory of Elaine Frank Davison (1929-2001)

AHSGR Village Coordinator for Kautz
Author of Unsere Leute von Kautz, Our People from Kautz

Elaine was a steadfast, competent and hard-working researcher who devoted her life to the expansion of knowledge of our Volga German heritage. Until the end, she strived to answer questions and expand upon her knowledge of the life of her parents, Johann Conrad Frank and Maria Katharina Knaub Frank who were both born in Kautz, Saratov, Russia, She also learned much about the other inhabitants of that village which was founded in 1767. The picture above reflects the culmination of her dream, a journey to the birthplace of Johann and Mary and other Kautzers whose many descendants she came to know during her lifetime. Her travels took her and her husband, George, to living relatives in Russia, and to the original Frank homeland, Schriesheim, a town in Germany within walking distance of Heidelberg. The relationship from Schriesheim to Kautz to America is now well documented. There are still gaps in our knowledge, but much light now shines through thanks to her hard work, dedication, and love of accomplishment. We will continue her journey of knowledge.

On the 20th of May, 1767, 30 emigrant families, 141 people (74 males, 67 females) from Germany settled the Volga German community of Kautz, Russia, approximately 68 miles southwest of the present city of Saratov. The population was 2,800 in 1912. Click for more information about Kautz and nearby communities or a map of Kautz, Dietel, Kratzke, Seewald, and Rothammel, or a list of Volga German communities in the Saratov region.

Surnames from the Volga German village of Kautz (Werchinka), Russia are documented:

Benzel Frank* Frickel*     Fuchs*     Glockhammer*   Gradwohl*    
Hardt* Hermony*     Klein* Knaub* Maier Michel*
Neubauer*     Ostwald* Popp* Reiter* Riel* Schoneman
Schreiner* Schuman* Stahley* Weber* Zimmerman * Pleve Chart

For decades Elaine Frank Davison dedicated a 'labor of love' to the research of the settlers of Kautz and their many descendants and published volumes 1-8 of 'Unsere Leute von Kautz' (Our People from Kautz).

Unsere Leute von Kautz on Compact Disk - The ULvK compact disk, readable by your browser in web format, reflects 11 volumes of Unsere Leute von Kautz...1, 2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and the new volume #9. In July 2007, Michael Frank finished publication of the next volume, #9 in the series - 212 pages. If you are interested in receiving the CD, please contact him as shown below. All charts, text, and pictures are included. The price for the 11 volumes plus many indices and miscellaneous information is $39.95 plus $1.30 shipping. Proceeds go to advance Kautz research and publications. Information regarding the CD can be found at Kautz CD Information.

If you wish a paper copy of a Pleve chart, the first copy is available for $25 including postage and handling. Additional paper copies of surname charts from Dr. Pleve are $20. Proceeds go to advance Kautz research and publications.

Information on progress in finding information about Kautz families from Dr. Pleve in Saratov, including specific information about some of the first Kautz families for which we have new information. Based on this and other research, we now have some links back to Germany! D. Michael Frank has worked with Schriesheim church records. Look for more information here in the Kautz Home Page and in future issues of Unsere Leute von Kautz.

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