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Volume 1 - May 1979 - 47 pages Volume 2 - May 1980 - 71 pages Volume 3 Part 1 - 1981 - 113 pages Volume 3 Part 2 - 1981 - 119 pages Volume 3 Part 3 - 1981 - 100 pages Volume 4 - May 1987 - 116 pages Volume 5 - June 1987 - 138 pages Volume 6 - July 1987 - 136 pages Volume 7 - 1989-1990 - 141 pages Volume 8 - 1989-1991 - 154 pages Volume 9   2007 Edition - 212 pages
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Kautz CD -Thank you for your interest in this CD. It was developed following the death of my aunt, Elaine Frank Davison in March 2001 and reflects the ten volumes of Unsere Leute von Kautz which she assembled and published in paper format. I have added volume 9. Elaine inspired me by her devotion to knowledge and her commitment to excellence in producing the means for others to follow in their search for their ancestors. It is with the knowledge that this information should help future generations document their genealogy that this CD is dedicated. Thank you Elaine, for all the hard work and dedication you exhibited over decades in making this all possible. And thanks for the memories!

More information about developing the CD is shown HERE.

Unsere Leute von Kautz Compact Disk - I initiated this effort after realizing that I would not be able to be a genealogist and paper publisher in the same lifetime. I hope Elaine would have found this CD to be a great time-saver from the point of view of not having to worry about special paper, reams of regular paper, binding equipment, binding supplies, manual page updates, paper cuts, excessive postage costs, and storage space. Visiting her at home, I was amazed how much work it took just to get Xerox copies made of each page of each volume, two-sided, three-hole punched on each page, kept in order, bound together (times 10 volumes), and mailed off in a timely fashion. There didn't seem to be a way for me to do genealogy research at the same time like she was able to do so remarkably. I have some experience in creating web pages and applied what I knew there to simulate a web page about Unsere Leute von Kautz volumes on a CD where the information would be readily available.

Benefits of the CD, including ease of production, include:

1. The ability to show photographs in color or sepia if the original was such.
2. Cheaper shipping costs.
3. Text is now electronic, not manually typewritten, saving time when revisions are needed.
4. Text type and format are now more consistent between the volumes.
5. The ability to include electronic indices which supplement the volumes and make information easier to find.
6. The addition of a small search engine which, on my computer, can find a word, name or phrase across all the ULvK volumes, indices, and databases very quickly.
7. Ease of providing updates via e-mail to registered users.
8. Ease of conversion to new media when it becomes available.
9. Ease of providing low-volume selective pages to a user via e-mail by request.
10. No difference in cost for pages with color pictures.

Acrobat Reader - Due to the many varieties of PC's out there, I felt it necessary to display a consistent view of information contained in this CD. With that in mind, I produced the individual pages of information in graphics .jpg format and .pdf format which allows the information to be readable and scalable through use of free Internet software called Adobe Acrobat Reader. The link to the download Acrobat Reader website is contained on the main page of this CD. If you don't already have Acrobat Reader, you will need to download and install it in order to be able to fully take advantage of the Kautz data on the CD. Decline to receive promotional information if that is your desire.

Search Engine - The search engine employed to scan for text in the volumes is called Windows GREP. With it, you can enter a name or word or phrase and GREP will look throughout the volumes and retrieve the information that matches your request. The file structure in ULvK is such that GREP will tell you what volume and page your search criteria can be found. GREP is shareware, which means if you like the program and use it, you need to register it with the author. I have included it as a tool on this CD to assist you with your searches if you like. I have personally registered GREP but have not applied the registration code to the CD, as stipulated by the agreement with the author.

chairPrerequisites - Personal Computer, Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator, and Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download available). Increased responsiveness is achieved by moving the contents of the ULvK CD to your hard drive. It will require approximately 426MB of drive space.


If you have any information or wish more information on any of the families in any of these volumes, please contact me:

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