Our People from Kautz


First Frank Family in Kautz:

The genealogy information received from Igor Pleve, Saratov, Russia, in January 1995, states that the FIRST FRANK was Johann Philipp Frank, born 1719 in Kurpfalz, Schriesheim, Germany. He was a farmer, of the Reformed Faith. They sailed the Baltic from Lubeck, Germany, and arrived in Oranienbaum, Russia (not far from St. Petersburg), on 8 August 1766 by the ship "Mercury". They arrived in Kautz/Kauz colony on 20 July 1767 (almost one year later). The wife of Philipp, Anna Margaretha Will, died before 1768, most likely en route. Johann Philipp Frank arrived in Kautz with two sons and one daughter. One son, Johann Heinrich Frank (who moved to Hussenbach in 1783 and who started the Frank family in Hussenbach), and Johann Philipp, the other son, is the one the rest of us Franks from Kautz are descended from!