Our People from Kautz


First Fuchs Family in Kautz:

The FIRST FUCHS (FOX) was WILHELM FUCHS, date of birth unknown, died before 1768, en route to Kutter Colony. He was of the Reformed Faith, farmer from Isenburg, Germany, arrived in Oranienbaum (not far from Saint Petersburg) on 8 August 1766 with his wife Anna, date of birth unknown, and she also died before 1768 before arriving in Kutter Colony, Russia. Their children, Wilhelm (1758-1822), Philipp (1756), Catharina (1750), and Anton (1755-1757 to 1815) arrived in Kutter Colony on 7 Aug 1767. Pleve stated in a separage letter that "the founders of this lineage -- Wilhelm Fuchs and Anna, died shortly after having arrived in Russia We don't know if they had even reached the Volga region. They could probably have died on their way from Saint Petersburg to Saratov. At any rate, their children are listed as orphans in the first colonists' record lists, which were done in the end of 1767. These documents do not list the two other children of Wilhelm -- Philipp, 1756, and Catharina, 1750, either. It can't be excluded they also died during the way or were taken into families in other colonies. Anton and Wilhelm were taken and raised in the families of colonists, who settled in the Kutter Colony. Anton lived in the family of Georg Klein, 1717, and Wilhelm -- in the family of Johannes Muller, 1731. Like Anton and Wilhelm's parents, these colonists arrived from Isenburg and came to Russia by the same ship on 8 August 1766. Having married, Anton Fuchs (1755/1757) relocated to the Kautz Colony before 1788. Wilhelm Fuchs (1758) soon settled in the Bauer Colony, but in 1796 moved to the Degott Colony. It is a bit queer, since Degott was purely a Catholic colony (assuming his wife was a Catholic?). But he did not live long there and already in 1800 he moved his family to the Kautz Colony, where his brother had long lived". Pleve did not name the ship, it could be the ship 'Mercury' as the date they arrived in Oranienbaum was the same date as the Frank family arrived.