Our People from Kautz


First Ostwald Family in Kautz:

The FIRST OSTWALD was Valentin OSTWALD 1729-1803, with his wife Maria Elisabeth Baer 1732-1808, Reformed Farmer from Kurpfalz, Eich? (Eib) place, arrived in Oranienbaum (not far from Saint Petersburg) on 25 Jul 1766 by the ship under the command of Sorner (Mercury). They arrived in Kautz Colony on 21 August 1767. According to Pleve, two families named Ostwald came to the Kautz Colony. One lineage is shown in the chart, that of Valentin OSTWALD. But among the first settlers there also was a family of Conrad OSTWALD, 1732-1806. His first wife was Anna Barbara, 1731, the second wife Maria Barbara Schoell, 1732. Conrad belonged to the Reformed Church, he was a ploughman from Kurpfalz, Eich? place, arrived in Oranienbaum on 8 August 1766 on board the ship "Mercury". "He arrived in the colony on 20 July 1767 with his stepchildren only (children of his first wife). In the documents of the late 18th century he was registered also with his stepchildren, so we don't know for sure if he had his own children". NOTE: this family traveled with the FRANK, KNAUB, and GRADWOHL families on the same ship, arriving in Oranienbaum on the same date! We feel that since these Ostwalds came from the same village in Germany, and BOTH went to Kautz, they had to be brothers!