Our People from Kautz


First Riel Family in Kautz:

The FIRST RIEL died en route, before landing in Oranienbaum in 1766. He was of the Reformed Faith, from Darmstadt, Biebesheim village. His wife Anna Margaretha, and son Johannes arrived in Oranienbaum (not far from Saint Petersburg on 13 September 1766 by the ship "Grapp". They arrived in Kautz Colony on 21 August 1767. Johannes, born 1751, died between 1811 and 1816, was the ancestor of all the Riels in Kautz. In Pleve's letter, "according to the documents of 1766 and 1767, Johannes Riel, born 1751, arrived in Russia with his mother and stepfather Johannes Heinrich Deobald. But Johann Heinrich Deobald has other coordinates of the exodus place from Germany -- Pfalz, En place?. It can't be excluded that Anna Margaretha, 1736 was not Johannes Riel's blood mother, she is too young, but the second wife of Johannes' father. But in the coduments she is listed as his mother". An interesting observation is that the RIEL family traveled with the REITER family on the same ship and arrived in Oranienbaum on the same date!