Our People From Kautz


First Frank Family - Johann Philipp
First Schreiner Family - First Name Unknown
First Reiter Families - Christian & Christoph
First Gradwohl Family - Georg
First Knaub Family - First Name Unknown

An interesting observation, the First Frank, the First Knaub, and the First Gradwohl traveled together on the same ship, "Mercury", arriving together in Oranienbaum and Kautz!

We CANNOT find documentation on the villages of Einwilden or Kumande, which Pleve listed on his charts as the origin of our family lines of Schreiner and Reuter from Germany. We also cannot locate the villages of Oberschwassheim, in the Kurpfalz region (Gradwohl), or Groshauser, in the Darmstadt region (Knaub)! The ONLY village of origin proven so far has been the village of Schriesheim, origin of our FRANK ancestor. We are looking for old maps which would show similar sounding names of these other villages. Lineages (a research group in Salt Lake City, Utah) cannot come up with any information on these other villages -- they "do not exist" -- and they have been asked to try several sound-alike names with no success. LINEAGES did document that Schriesheim was absolutely the ancestral home of the Frank family, and with the microfilm of the Schriesheim church records available from the LDS Library, D. Michael Frank was able to document six generations further back in Schriesheim on the Frank family!!! As for the other villages, Elaine was told that we have to remember that there were Russian scribes documenting the arrival of our German people in Russia, and they wrote down in Russian "what sounded like" the information given by our German people. The translation from Russian to German has been difficult. The documentation of birth, death, marriage, etc. was from the German village church records, and written in German, so was much easier to document. The civil and census records are written in Russian and more difficult to translate. Hopefully, with the sharing of informaiton with other village coordinators, we will succeed in locating the actual villages of the other families in Germany!

In June 1995, Elaine requested complete genealogy on the FRICKEL family line.

On 26 September 1995, Elaine requested the complete genealogies on HARDT, FUCHS, RIEL and OSTWALD/OSTWALT through 1900.

The POPP genealogy has been ordered separately by Barbara Balzer Drake and has been shared.

Information received 8 Jan 1997 from Darrell Kautz, Kansas City, Missouri contains proof that the village of Kautz was actually named for a living person by the name of KAUTZ! Darrell Kautz had requested the genealogy from Igor Pleve on his Kautz family, and shared the most important information with us! Specifically, Kauz, Georg Jacob, 1729? (1730) - died after 1798. First wife Maria Elisabeth, b. 1737. Second wife Maria Barbara Simon, nee Kazemfeller? from Dietel colony, b. 1738 -- married in 1796. Georg Jacob was of the Reformed Faith, a gardener from Pfalz, Leiningen, Unkste? place, arrived in Oranienbaum (not far from St. Petersburg) on 22 July 1766. They arrived in Kautz colony on 20 May 1767. Before 1788 they moved to Merkel colony. NOTE: Darrell Kautz has since established that UNGSTEIN is indeed the ancestral home in Germany for the Kautz family for whom the village of Kautz was named!!!

On 26 September 1995, Elaine requested the complete genealogies on HARDT, FUCHS, RIEL, and OSTWALD/OSTWALT.

On 6 June 1997, she received the second packet of genealogies from Igor and Ludmila Pleve in Saratov, Russia, via Art Flegel in California, for the families of FRICKEL, HARDT, RIEL, OSTWALD and FUCHS, which were ordered in 1995. The realization that she finally had this additional information was overwhelming. She never thought she would live long enough to be able to have this much information on the families from Kautz in her hands!! There was joy, as well as total frustration in going through this information, as there was in 1995, when she started compiling the original genealogies received from Russia. The original genealogies received in 1995 of FRANK, SCHREINER, REITER, KNAUB, and GRADWOHL stopped documenting the births in 1859. After two years she finally received an explanation which she could live with. It didn't make her happy that the BIRTH RECORDS FOR THE VILLAGE OF KAUTZ FOR THE YEARS FOLLOWING 1859 HAVE NOT BEEN LOCATED -- just recently the church books have been located on the deaths and marriages for this time period, so there is still hope for the birth records to be located. Also, the birth records for males and females were kept separately, and the birth records for the females in some of the early years, particularly from 1810 through 1815 have not been located, so we still have some missing links there. Pleve can not yet document Elaine's mother's Knaub and Gradwohl lines -- yet she was able to connect some of her distant cousins!! The only explanation she could come up with is that she did not give the correct names in the correct order for her family. We should soon receive the marriage and death documentation he has recently found to cover the first five genealogies.

The 1798 Census records, and some 1775 Census records, from the Volga Villages are now translated and available through AHSGR in Lincoln, Nebraska. Elaine obtained many of these census records and tracked the movement of the families from these villages through the census records. An INTERESTING OBSERVATION IS THAT THE REITER NAME IS SPELLED REITER IN THE KAUTZ CENSUS, AND NOT REUTER -- AND KAUTZ IS SPELLED KAUTZ!

Since 6 June 1997, Elaine was in the process of making the connections from the latest genealogies received from Igor Pleve for FRICKEL, FUCHS (FOX), RIEL, OSTWALD and HARDT into the computer Kautz Database. It was very time consuming. She needed to be certain she had the correct family before making the connection. This took much concentration. There is still so much missing information as to give such a hopeless feeling. However, positive connections more than make up for it! Much mixed emotions are involved with this.

First Fuchs Family
First Frickel Family
First Riel Family
First Ostwald Family
First Hardt Family
First Popp Family

She didn't attempt to document the ancestral villages in Germany of this latest group of genealogies received from Professor Pleve.

When Elaine received the genealogies which were requested in 1995 on 6 June 1997, she requested a new contract for research on the families of NEIBAUER/NEUBAUER, SCHUMANN, WEBER, KLEIN, STAHLIE, HERMONY, and MICHEL/MICHAEL. Since it takes up to two or more years for Pleve to complete the research, and since we do not know how much longer the "window will be open" for research in Russia, she felt that she needed to make this additional request for genealogy at this time. She didn't know what the future would bring as the political situation in Russia has been very unstable.

Elaine had the opportunity to meet with Professor Pleve at the AHSGR Convention in San Jose, California in July 1997, and he told her that he had accepted her new order. She also asked him to search for the death and marriage documentation of the first 5 genealogies of FRANK, SCHREINER, REITER, KNAUB, and GRADWOHL for the years 1859 through 1910. (He gave us this information on the genealogies received for Frickel, Hardt, Fuchs, Riel, Ostwald and Popp!) He promised that this would all be forthcoming, and that they should be arriving soon. Pleve does not use the mail system. He uses courier service instead, as this method is much safer.

The cost of obtaining these genealogies from Russia is being financed through donations for the KAUTZ VILLAGE RESEARCH FUND. When donations are received for this fund, we send you exact copies of the genealogy charts by Pleve and copies of documentation sent by Pleve. There, we must ask for donations to help finance this project. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! I have faith this will all work out. It is with the help of many that we are able to fund this valuable research from Russia!

If you have any information or wish more information on these families, please phone, fax or write: