Our People From Kautz

Do You Know? Can you Help?

"DO YOU KNOW..........?

  • Where in GERMANY your ancestors may have come from? Region? Specific German village?
  • Family Stories? (preferably prior to 1767).
  • Your father's name, including birth date, where born? Date and place of death.
  • Your mother's name, including maiden name, birth date, and where born? Date and place of marriage, and death?
  • Your grandfather's name, including same information above? (both sides)
  • Your grandmother's name, including same infomation above? (both sides)

    DOES ANYONE HAVE.......?

  • Photographs taken in Russia...of people or places in the KAUTZ area?
  • Papers or letters from Kautz?
  • Recent correspondence with relatives who may still be in Siberia?
  • CAN YOU DONATE COPIES OF PHOTOGRAPHS which can be used in future publications?

    CAN YOU SEND.......?

  • Newspaper clippings of obituaries, anniversaries, etc. These clippings provide an excellent source of information.
  • Family group charts, which should include as much information as you are able to document (blank group charts available on request at no charge).
  • Family "Memories". (note the "Memories" in the different Issues)

    Additional information will be included in subsequent issues of "Unsere Leute von Kautz" (Our People from Kautz).

    If any errors are noted in these publications, please let me know, and corrections will be made in future publications.

    If you have any information or wish more information on these families, please write: