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Christmas 06


Balloon Fiesta 2006


On Lake Coeur de Alene - August 05


On our birthday, we got measured!


just a line

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our wedding album First Dance


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F/A-22 Flying Test Bed in formation with the real thing
F/A-22 Logo
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...and past work - DarkStar DARKSTAR (big pic) Click here for a picture of it now hanging in the Museum of Flight,
the 777 before that,
the YF-22
and my first project, Condor HAE UAV, ...



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mugshot of Bill when he was arrested in Albuquerque in 1976

see Bill's house!!


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It doesnt rain that much, does it?
... and why does everyone think it is always raining here?


If visiting the Jet City...

Lots of visitor stuff that I put together

Other things to look at...

Some cool movies and other stuff

If you're really brave...

Not for the faint of heart (if you come from the left end of the political spectrum) - Always something new!



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