Here's some images of the new Mariners stadium, initially rejected by the voters, but then mandated anyway by our state legislature. Now incurring massive overruns now paid by the Mariners, watch for some sort of bailout by King Co.
One caveat - outdoor baseball is nice, although hardly affordable as the second most expensive for tickets nationwide - but if you factor in amenities for a family of four, it is the most expensive!

Stadium under construction
Time lapse of construction

Stadium from viaduct

The field
The field....

...and fireworks!!!

Must have hit a homer!

Stadium roof
The roof system is a mechanical marvel

Stadium entranceStadium sign



Click for pics and links From Dome to Dust

Then they blew up the dome!

But then there is the football stadium. The voters here are so stupid! What dupes! Why didn`t Paul Allen and his pal each put in about what Bill is spending on his house and pay for it themselves? Because the taxpayers will!!!
Who is going to want to sit outside in the December rain watching the SeaChickens? I lost any respect for Allen after the deceitful campaign that was waged - soccer, and uh, also football, `for the children`!

*****CLEAN REPORT****May 13, 1997

By Jack Darragh and Sherry Bockwinkel

Everything you always wanted to know about (his) stadium, but Paul Allen was afraid you'd ask.

Text of stadium bill

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