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Today, Saturday June 28th 1997

'tis the day !!

We'll see you at six !

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A Refresher on the Directions to Holy Names Academy

From I-5 Northbound, take Olive Way exit 166 (under convention center)
From I-5 Southbound, take Stewart St. exit 166; LEFT up Denny; LEFT on Olive
(or from downtown hotels:)
East on Olive, continue past Broadway (now on John St.); proceed
several blocks at 15th Ave. (stay in right lane @ signal)
LEFT on 15th, then immediate RIGHT onto Thomas
East on Thomas to 19th Ave.; Turn LEFT
North on 19th (5 blocks) to Aloha; Turn RIGHT
East on Aloha to 21st; Turn RIGHT (one way); Parking on street
Entry at top of front steps; Chapel is at the north end of the hall

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Reception to follow at West Lake Union Center, 1505 Westlake Ave. North
Note: Cross the street at crosswalk into front entrance.

Picture of Holy Names Academy title


Outside picture of the reception site
Reception following

W. Lake Union Center After arrival from the chapel, cross Westlake at the crosswalk and enter at the front. The building is a gorgeous with a seven story artrium. It houses the offices of WRQ, a networking software company.

A view from the terrace

Here's the view of Lake Union, a wonderful fresh water lake that also acts as a connector from the larger Lake Washington, to the salt water Puget Sound (via the locks) to the west. Watch seaplanes take off, kayakers and boats of all kinds.

A view of Seattle from the terrace

A view of Seattle, also from the terrace.



our wedding album


Our registry is at the Bon Marché locally, but they are affiliated with Macy's, if that's convenient. Call The Bon Marché at 1-800-638-9656 M-F 8:30-5 PST
We are also registered at American Home Furnishings in Albuquerque.

Space Needle Elliot Bay

Click on the pic!! These views are taken from Kerry Park, toward the top of Queen Anne at 200 W. Highland Dr., looking to the south. Go there if you want to see the most picturesque views.

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A transportation update: Note two roadway bottlenecks that may affect your travels this weekend. The first is that the 520 Evergreen Point floating bridge will be closed; and that Capitol Hill's Broadway thoroughfare will be closed on Sunday for a very particular type of parade (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

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