T. E. Lawrence and S. A. -- The Puzzle Solved

Copyright 2002 by Elizabeth L. (Betty) McKenzie 

Page updated July 3, 2003

The story in these pages is the outcome of a lifetime of research beginning over 70 years ago.  All of the original research is entirely the author's.  She has had help in preparing the text for web-publishing, from her sons Don and Doug McKenzie.  We believe that although our mother gained most of the insights that are revealed here many years ago, they will be quite fresh, and extraordinary, even to the scholars and lovers of Lawrence.  Some readers may see this as a personal story as much as research, and flawed, for that reason. We suggest that it is precisely our mother's personal involvement with Lawrence that led her through the labyrinth of his legacy to uncover the conclusions presented on these pages.

The book is presented here in chapter form.  Each represents a piece of the S.A. puzzle.  In some cases the text approaches a complete narrative.  Some chapters take the form more of compilations of notes. All the major theses are presented, but there is a great deal of supporting and amplifying material that is not yet in a presentable form. This page will be updated as more of this material reaches its final form. We hope, also, to present the story of how our mother tried to follow Lawrence's example, and at the end of World War II, began and drove to successful completion a letter writing campaign that prevented the colonization of a free state.  She is fond of Lawrence's dictum "example is eternal, and the rings of its extending influence infinite." (Letters, pg. 418)

An overview of her remarkable story of discovering the code to Seven Pillars of Wisdom is presented in Betty's Journey.

If you have questions or comments or wish to send email to the author, please feel to do so, through Doug McKenzie.   A reason for publishing this material was that our mother was in failing health, and we wanted to "tell the world" of her life's work while she was able to fully appreciate responses to it.  All research and insights are hers; all publication mistakes are ours.

S.A.: Betty's Journey, the Sword, and multiple meanings

S.A.: the Lady of Aleppo and the Journey

S.A.: Cypher and the Path of the Sufi

S.A.: Shaw of Arabia -- the Future -- Myself

S.A.: the book -- Seven Pillars -- is the Essay

S.A.: Peace

Lawrence's lengthy effort to win independence for the Arab nations inspired Betty to a similar effort for Thailand after World War II.

Betty was reunited with her whole family one last time in August 2002.